The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat-Thuchapon Koowongbundit’s Relationship Aims to Get Better or Worse?

The Miracle of Teddy Bear (คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์) is a Thai romantic-drama-fantasy series directed by Paajaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul and stars Sarin Ronnakiat, Thuchapon Koowongbundit, Thanapon Jarujitranon and Parada Chutchavalchotikul, alongside other cast members. The series has 15 episodes and The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 has a runtime of 91 minutes.

Netflix describes The Miracle of Teddy Bear series as:


– The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 Recap Contains Spoilers –

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 starts with Nut in the office meeting with an interviewer as well as someone from the Japanese production house who wants to sign a deal for his script. As this goes on, we see Nut and Na, heading to the mall alone. Tofu looks after Na’s needs at the mall but, soon enough Nut arrives taking both shopping. Nut even goes on to pick out clothing for Na which makes her happy. Later at the beauty shop when the attendant asks if Nut and Tofu are both her sons, Na agrees and states that the three of them are family.

At the mall, they meet Song and Gen and, Gen is happy to see Nut reconcile with his mother. When Nut asks about Gen and Song’s relationship, Gen accepts that they are dating. At home, Gen informs his mother about Nut and Na’s reconciliation and, his mother is happy with the news and tells Gen further that he shouldn’t be so difficult with love as time is precious. At Nut’s house, Na and Nut hug to make their relationship more comfortable joined by Tofu later.

The next day Prib visits Tofu and, the two talk about Tarn. Prib requests Tofu to bring Nut to see Tarn either hoping for a miracle to get Tarn out of the coma or as the one last time Tarn gets to see Nut. Later in the night, Tofu researches Tarn realizing how talented, cool and rich Nut’s ex-boyfriend is. This reflects in Tofu’s mood and demeanour the next day while cooking too as Tarn occupies Tofu’s head and, his imagination tells him how better off Nut would be with Tarn.

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Tofu leaves the house saying he is going to the market but, Nut later finds him in the park where Tofu talks about his insecurities about not being good enough for Nut which might lead Nut to fall in love with someone else. Nut reassures his love for Tofu and the two head home. Nut then decides that they should take a vacation given everything that has happened and also because Na loves reading The Little Prince, so she might even want to travel like her favourite main character. When Na is unable to pick a destination, Tofu suggests Chaing Mai. We see him later informing Prib that the three are set to travel to Chaing Mai soon.

Tofu hiding his real motive from Nut about going to Chaing Mai bugs him. He tries to delay packing but, Nut is on his back to take the family on a trip immediately. Meanwhile, at the office, Gen gets to know about Nut’s trip and, craves one. Song walks in to take his check from the company and suggests that he would take Gen on a trip to Chaing Mai, which even Prib volunteers to be a part of. The two group meet at Chaing Mai, check into their hotels and go around doing touristy.

We see them visit a monastery first, where Nut and Tofu have a talk about history, writing and gender identities. It is followed by Na choosing the next place where the group goes wooden go-kart riding. Nut picks the next place for Tofu which is a botanical garden filled with flora, where Nut explains Tofu how all flowers are beautiful, different and unique. Just the way people are and, makes Tofu realize his importance in Nut’s life. Prib feels a little left out in the trip as Tofu and Nut become mushy and click pictures, and so do Gen and Song.

The group then go to grab some snack when Nut’s boss calls him to get some work done by the night. Due to this, the group splits as Song and Gen go to have dinner with Song’s dad and, Prib excuses herself to find a good spot to sketch in which she is joined by Tofu. Later Prib takes Tofu to see Tarn, where Tofu faces mild disorientation looking at Tarn. He realizes that Tarn holds the answer to his miracle but, his waking would also mean Tofu’s happiness is going to be short-lived.

Later Prib and Tofu go to an art studio, with Tarn’s paintings all around. Prib talks about Tarn’s choice to express himself through art and, his family background being liberal and accepting gave him not only the confidence to come out as gay but, also to express his ideas boldly. Meanwhile, Song is unable to fully come out to his father and introduce Gen but, Gen later tells him that they have time to do it and that they should take one step at a time.

Tofu returns to Nut and, questions him if he is okay with the busy schedule of his work. Nut revisits the time when Tarn motivated him to pursue writing and no matter what, he is happy with the work he does now. The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 ends with Tofu starting to remember certain things from his past after visiting Tarn. He takes Nut and the rest of the group to Tarn, where Nut is visibly taken aback.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12: Final Thoughts

Overall, The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 is successful in finally bringing Nut, Tofu and Tarn under the same roof and, it will be interesting to see the fate of the three in the upcoming episode. Apart from that, the script of this episode is really well written starting from the exchanges between Tofu and Nut to Song and Gen to Na’s monologue on associating flowers with gender is wrong. It is a happy moment to see Nut and Na reconcile and, have their tragic, ugly past behind them and start anew as a family, Tofu included.

You can watch The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 now on Netflix.

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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 shows an improvement in Nut and Tofu's relationship. But, will it last long?


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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 shows an improvement in Nut and Tofu's relationship. But, will it last long?The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 12 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat-Thuchapon Koowongbundit's Relationship Aims to Get Better or Worse?