The Lost Symbol Season 2: Will the Robert Langdon Thriller Get Renewed?

The Lost Symbol Season 2 is a thought that must be on everyone’s mind given last Thursday, November 18 marked the end of the series. The show is based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel of the same name which is originally the third book in Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series. However, the series shows retell the events of the book in a manner where it stands as a founding story, much similar to ‘Angels and Demons’.

The action-adventure mystery-thriller television series features Ashley Zukerman as the protagonist, Havard symbologist Robert Langdon. The cast also includes Eddie Izzard, Beau Knapp, Rick Gonzalez, Valorie Curry and Sumalee Montano in main roles. The show is developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie. Meanwhile, Dan Trachtenberg has directed the series’ pilot and serves as executive producer on the series alongside Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and author Dan Brown himself.

The first season of The Lost Symbol consisted of 10 episodes marking the start and end of the mystery. However, even though the first season puts an end to the puzzle involved during its runtime, it ends on a hopeful note that we might possibly get a season 2!

The Lost Symbol Season 2: What happens to Langdon next?

The network has not officially renewed or cancelled the call for The Lost Symbol Season 2. But, NBC seems to be pleased with the performance of the series given how badly Ron Howard’s trilogy starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon performed. According to Deadline, the series will very likely be greenlit for a season 2 as the performance of the show is on the positive line.

As per the last episode titled “Resonance”, we witness the reunion of Robert and Sato by the end for a different mission. The scene takes place six months after the events of The Lost Symbol and shows Sato approaching Robert Langdon (who is teaching again and simultaneously decoding the Bible) for help. The episode ends with a brief conversation between the two, where they reveal themselves to be “nationless spies”.

The conversation very much hints towards how there can be a next season where Langdon will be more prepared to take on the mysteries and bad guys. Maybe, the story will go in reverse to the series by doing the storyline for Dan Brown’s Inferno next as the premise of The Lost Symbol Season 2. However, no matter what premise season 2 follows, it would be a delight to see Ashley Zuckerman reprise in his role as Professor Langdon.

Meanwhile, you can watch all the episodes of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol now on Voot Select or PeacockTV. To read the reviews for all the episodes of The Lost Symbol, click here.

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