The Lost Symbol Episode 9 Review: Locating The Ancient Wisdom

The Lost Symbol Episode 9 brings all our leading characters together to work in unison to finally decode the location of the portal. Developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, the series takes its inspiration from the bestselling author Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol featuring the journey of a young Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon to solve a mystery that will lead him to save his mentor and friend, Peter Solomon. Robert makes this dangerous journey with Peter Solomon’s daughter Katherine Solomon by his side.

Each episode gets a weekly release, with episode 9 having the shortest runtime of 38 minutes. The series features Ashley Zukerman in the lead role as Ivy-league Symbologist Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry alongside him in the role of Katherine Solomon.

– The Lost Symbol Episode 9 review does not contain spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 9: “Order Eight”

Episode 9 focuses on the portal more than the drama surrounding it which has been happening for the last few episodes. We see Katherine determined to destroy the capstone to end all ties from Mal’akh’s evil intentions until it is revealed that Mal’akh has something bigger and more devasting in store.

According to the last episode, it was in fact Isabel Solomon, the mother of Zachery and Katherine who has been tending to her transformed son. But, of course, her death was inevitable when she put her trust in the new Zachery’s hands. The Lost Symbol Episode 9 starts with a chilling funeral scene for late Isabel partnered with a cold, mantra-like background score. This is when Nunez discovers Zach, now Mal’akh, in possession of a sonar device that is revealed to emit the sound to create and destroy life.

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As this news reaches Peter Solomon, Katherine Solomon and Robert Langdon, our trio set on a different plan to stop Mal’akh. Instead of destroying the map, they are finally going to read and crack the capstone. Soon enough, they figure it out. But the CIA is at the helm of their dress and needs to be informed. But, can they be trusted?

We meet Sato, who has managed to survive her brutal fate and other CIA heads as the trio draws out a plan to capture Mal’akh. But, a series of double-crosses from both sides, ultimately result in a deeper dive into the mystery and finally knowing where the portal of the ancient wisdom is located and a free Mal’akh coming to get the trio by the end.

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The episode also focuses on the renewed chemistry between Katherine and Robert as much as it does in solving the puzzle the entire series is based on.

The Lost Symbol Episode 9: Final Verdict

The Lost Symbol Episode 9 is a close finish to the first season of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. Filled with mysteries and twists that you do not see coming, the episode ends with a cliffhanger that will receive closure in the final episode of the season.

You can watch The Lost Symbol Episode 9 streaming now on Voot Select. For the recap of the previous episodes of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbolclick here.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 9 shows Langdon, Katherine, Nunez and Peter find an unexpected clue, which leads them to partner up with Sato and her CIA colleagues to bring down Mal'akh.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 9 Review: Locating The Ancient WisdomThe Lost Symbol Episode 9 shows Langdon, Katherine, Nunez and Peter find an unexpected clue, which leads them to partner up with Sato and her CIA colleagues to bring down Mal'akh.