The Lost Symbol Episode 8 Review: Targetting The Solomons

The last episode which ended in an unexpected death and certain big reveals leads the path to The Lost Symbol Episode 8 to bring us to one of the final moments of the series. With Mal’akh’s identity revealed will Robert Langdon be able to unfold the mystery behind the portal without his vision being clouded by the unseen truths. Developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, the show is inspired by the bestselling author Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol featuring a young Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon on a journey to solve a mystery that will lead him to save his mentor and friend, Peter Solomon. Robert makes this dangerous journey with Peter Solomon’s daughter Katherine Solomon by his side.

Each episode gets a weekly release, with episode 8 having a runtime of minutes. The series features Ashley Zukerman in the lead role as Ivy-league Symbologist Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry alongside him in the role of Katherine Solomon.

– The Lost Symbol episode 8 review does not contain spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 8: “Cascade”

After the death of Sato in the previous episode, this one is focused on the looming threat over the Solomons from their own kind. Robert and Katherine are scared for Isabel Solomon, Katherine Solomon’s mother and Peter Solomon’s wife as she seems the only member of the Solomon family that has remained untouched. Now, that Zachery is back as Mal’akh, it somehow directs us to a path he would build to walk to Isabel. Especially, after the creepy visual we got the last episode of Isabel eating Zachery’s baby teeth.

Meanwhile, Peter Solomon still seems to be caught in the loop and after-effects of Araf as he is often tormented by dizziness and a vision of a hand coming out of the water. Is this what Mal’akh meant to do when he put Peter in the water between life and death? Well, that we are yet to find out.

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Another half of this episode is dedicated to Peter Solomon getting in touch with other Leviathan group members, now that he is out of imprisonment. Peter is determined to try his best to protect the organization from the hands of Mal’akh it seems. There’s also the tension between Langdon and Katherine and how they were pushed together by Peter in the previous episode but did fall apart by the end of it. One thing is well understood about our duo that they would only get together on their own terms and cannot be forced by an external force.

Will either of the group be able to face Mal’akh’s wrath? The final episodes of The Lost Symbol approach with this question looming over our heads along with the obsessive discovery of the portal and the whole, detailed truth about the portal.

The Lost Symbol Episode 8: Final Verdict

The Lost Symbol episode 8 keeps us at the edge, as we want to know more given the amount of information that has been disclosed to the audience over the last two episodes, but the creators have gone back to not giving away anything until the climax hits.

You can watch The Lost Symbol Episode 8 streaming now on Voot Select. For the recap of the previous episodes of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbolclick here.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 8 brings us more people under Mal'akh's threat now, more than ever.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 8 brings us more people under Mal'akh's threat now, more than ever.The Lost Symbol Episode 8 Review: Targetting The Solomons