The Lost Symbol Episode 7 Review: The Ghost From The Past

The Lost Symbol Episode 7 is dedicated to Zachery Solomon’s time in the prison and how he impacted the people around him in real life including Robert and Katherine. The show is developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, inspired by the bestselling author Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol that tells the story of a young Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon on a journey to solve a set of puzzles that will help him save his mentor and friend, Peter Solomon. In this dangerous journey, Robert Langdon is joined by Peter Solomon’s daughter Katherine Solomon on his to uncover the archaic secrets that have been guarded with life for centuries.

Each episode releases weekly, with episode 7 having the longest runtime so far of 49 minutes. The show stars Ashley Zukerman in the lead role as Ivy-league Symbologist Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry alongside him in the role of Katherine Solomon and Sumalee Montano as Sato from CIA.

– The Lost Symbol Episode 7 review does not contain spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 7: “Noogenesis”

The Lost Symbol Episode 7 is a ride filled with flashbacks and visions. The last episode of the series made the big reveal, clearing the air on who Mal’akh is. Well, yes, it is none other than Zachery Solomon. For people who haven’t read the book, it definitely is a twist they did not see coming. However, from a reader’s perspective, the predictability of Zachery being Mal’akh was quite clear from the start.

The show goes on to focus more on Zachery’s past this time, which the audience has been craving for a while now. We witness Zachery last days in prison, him meeting a Turkish mentor and how the events that followed set his life on the track that it is today. But that isn’t all the flashback we get. There are some out-of-context creepy scenes from Zachery Solomon’s childhood like his mother Isabel Solomon eating his baby teeth! It is really difficult to understand what that was about.

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There are also flashbacks showing how Zachery was instrumental both in good and bad ways for Katherine and Robert’s relationship in the past. The bitter air they shared from the very beginning of the series seems to find a root to what led to what. However, even though we spent a good amount of time in Zachery Solomon’s flashbacks, we cannot unsee how it missed the present context of “why” Zachery wants Langdon to find the portal. Maybe, the show wants to still keep us guessing all its secrets.

Meanwhile, a certain death that takes place by the end of the episode might seem to trigger the characters emotionally and set them raging. But, in this fight to discover, who will drink to their victory still remains tightly under wraps.

The Lost Symbol Episode 7: Final Verdict

The Lost Symbol Episode 7 seems to pick the series up as it moves towards the much-anticipated ending. The series had definitely felt like a bit of drag for a few episodes but episode 6 and episode 7 gives it the appropriate kick start to take the audience on an unforgettable ride.

You can watch The Lost Symbol Episode 7 streaming now on Voot Select. For the recap of the previous episodes of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbolclick here.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 7 tells the story of Zachery Solomon and how he came to become what he is today.

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