The Lost Symbol Episode 5 Review: Langdon Meets Mal’akh

The new episode of this Peacock original The Lost Symbol Episode 5 gives us more surrounding the secret that holds the “ancient wisdom”. The series is based on the acclaimed author Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol that follows the story of the young Ivy-league professor and symbologist Robert Langdon who is on a journey to solve puzzle that will help him save his mentor and friend, Peter Solomon. Peter Solomon’s daughter Katherine Solomon joins Robert on his journey to uncover the archaic secrets. The new episode shows Katherine, Langdon and Sato all teaming up together to try and extract Peter Solomon from the clutches of the dark lord, Mal’akh.

The show is developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie and every episode gets a weekly release and has a run time of about 45 minutes. The show features Ashley Zukerman in the lead role as Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry alongside him in the role of Katherine Solomon and Sumalee Montano as Sato from CIA.

– The Lost Symbol Episode 5 review does not contain spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 5: “Melencolia I”

In The Lost Symbol Episode 4, we see Robert Langdon finally discover the capstone to finish the map that will lead him to the portal. The need to crack the map in due time brings Langdon to the painting ‘Melencolia I’ by the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer of 1514. However, just discovering the medium to crack the code in the capstone will be enough?

Well, apparently not, as Mal’akh loses his patience and records a video of Peter asking Langdon to fasten his process and quickly find the portal. As things seem to slip out of hand, Langdon has no other option but to team up with Katherine once again and be joined by Sato. And unlike the other members in the CIA, Sato is sane headed and does not harbour any underlying intention to seek for the “ancient wisdom”.

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By decoding “One True God” from the map, Sato plans to stall Mal’akh and try to extract Peter with an elaborate lie. But, will the plan be successful? Because it seems like Mal’akh is always a couple of steps ahead of the entire group. Mal’akh’s thirst to discover the secret and walk like God amidst the masses drives him towards steps of insanity.

So what happens when Mal’akh and Robert Langdon come face to face? Well, The Lost Symbol Episode 5 is all about that one encounter we have been waiting for.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 5: Final Verdict

The Lost Symbol’s chapter 5 shows people being connected and loyal to the ones we did not expect them to initially be. Friendships are helpful and some old bonds are looked back upon. We are yet to see the real picture of who Mal’akh, our anti-hero is and how is Peter going to be the instrument for the final stage in this story.

You can watch The Lost Symbol Episode 5 streaming now on Voot Select. For the recap of the previous episodes of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbolclick here.

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Will Robert Langdon finally come face to face with Mal'akh in The Lost Symbol Episode 5?

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