The Lost Symbol Episode 4 Review: Birth, Death, Rebirth

The latest episode of this Peacock original The Lost Symbol Episode 4 offers us a more complex view into the ‘Leviathan’ mystery. Based on the acclaimed author Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, the story follows the journey of a young Ivy-league professor Robert Langdon who is on his way to solve puzzling symbols to save his mentor and friend, Peter Solomon. He is joined on his journey by Peter’s daughter Katherine Solomon, who according to the outcome of the last episode might soon turn into a liability and be faced with life-threatening dangers.

Developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, every episode gets a weekly release and has a run time of about 44 minutes. The show stars Ashley Zukerman in the lead as Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry alongside him in the role of Katherine Solomon.

– The Lost Symbol Episode 4 review contains mild spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 4: “L’Enfant Orientation”

With Trish’s death in The Lost Symbol Episode 3, Katherine is forced to take Mal’akh’s warnings seriously and part ways with Robert Langdon. The pair separated, continue with their own investigation and quest to find out the other half of the capstone and Peter’s fate.

In episode 4, Katherine is seen pairing up with Sato, now that Langdon is not in the scene, to get more conclusive answers about her father. Sato, on the other hand, is determined to unveil what went wrong with Zachery at the prison in Turkey and what has compelled her superior to hunt for Langdon instead of focusing on finding Peter Solomon. Through an experiment, Katherine gets to find out disruptive facts about her father but, it does not stop her to look for more.

Meanwhile, Langdon finds a hidden clue in the secret reel that he had discovered with Katherine in the last episode that leads him to seek Bellamy’s help. Pairing up with Bellamy, Langdon learns of the precise coordinates where he might be able to locate the other half of the capstone. The episode is also filled with flashbacks from both Katherine and Robert, in regards to their relationship with Peter- both embraced with love for a father and mentor.

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Episode 4 of The Lost Symbol also tells us the story behind Robert Langdon’s claustophobia, about how he fell into a well and couldn’t climb his way out. This instance is linked in with a sort of spiritual calling that allows Dan Brown’s Langdon to develop down the road and see what everyone’s eyes miss. As a founding story to Langdon’s one weakness that makes him humane, the story falls short in depth.

The episode is also filled with answers and, of course, more questions. Especially, now that Peter Solomon has successfully crossed the path of “Birth, Death and Rebirth” and out of the “Araf”, to prove his freemason spirit, we are waiting to see what happens to him next. Who is Mal’akh? And, now that there are both parts of the capstone found, will Langdon let him obtain the ancient power?

The Lost Symbol Episode 4: Final Verdict

The Lost Symbol’s fourth chapter is more on the emotional end as we a new friendship develop between Langdon and Alfonso, who at one point even comes to his rescue. We also see Katherine reign her heart with courage and hope to find new ways to lead her to her father. Sato is finally doing something, so that’s some progress for the story, right?

You can watch The Lost Symbol Episode 4 streaming now on Voot Select. For the recap of the previous episodes of The Lost Symbolclick here.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 4 puts Langdon and Katherine on separate quests.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 4 puts Langdon and Katherine on separate quests. The Lost Symbol Episode 4 Review: Birth, Death, Rebirth