The Lost Symbol Episode 10 Review: The Final Showdown

The Lost Symbol episode 10 is the finale for the series developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, which takes its inspiration from the bestselling author Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol book. Both the series and the book narrate the journey of a young Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon to solve a mystery that will lead him to save his mentor and friend, Peter Solomon. Robert makes this dangerous journey with Peter Solomon’s daughter Katherine Solomon by his side. The series features Ashley Zukerman in the lead role as Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry alongside him in the role of Katherine Solomon. The other cast members include Eddie Izzard, Beau Knapp, Rick Gonzalez and Sumalee Montano.

– The Lost Symbol Episode 10 review does not contain spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 10: “Resonance”

The Lost Symbol episode 10 is the final episode in this particular series marking a slow piercing end to the thriller drama. Mal’akh now has the cascade device and Katherine in his possession to gain a heavy hand over both CIA and Langdon and Peter. The episode marks the unveiling of Mal’akh’s final plans and the revelation of what exactly is ancient wisdom.

In this episode, Langdon rushes against time with Peter to save Katherine, who is the perfect bait picked by Mal’akh to bring down both men. In meantime, Katherine spends some quality, dark time with her brother which changes her perspective on the ancient wisdom when she witnesses a miracle (of sorts). Sato and Nuñez continue to avert the impending danger as the latter discovers a way to the cascade machine through its maker. But, the CIA is one murky, dangerous water as they continue to hunt the portal by taking Peter captive.

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As the world comes closing down with pressure, all our main characters find evolution to their character arc. Robert gets a chance to think straight while riddled with claustrophobia. Peter Solomon takes responsibility for the unknown havoc he has unleashed in the form of Zachery turned Mal’akh. Katherine, on the other hand, finds the reality of her brother lost in the tattooed angel from hell to take a massive step. But, will they be able to stop what has come undone? Well, it is for the audience to watch and find out.

The Lost Symbol: Deflections & Sensibilities

As this is the last episode, it is finally time to acknowledge how massively the series has deflected from Dan Brown’s book. One prime reason for that is the entire book takes place over the course of a day, which is why the movies always seem to blow the plot out of proportion. However, the series, on the other hand, is slow and focuses on the character developments and trajectory of human emotions.

It felt dragged and boring at times, but so did the book. Even with massive character changes and plotline modifications to fit the book into the coat that the series wore, it truly did justice to its characters and their shortcomings. For instance, Robert Langdon isn’t the hero in the end. He is as human and desperate as any other person would be in the given situation. Peter Solomon is more caring than dismissive. And, Katherine is more feminist and strongly cut out to be more than just an add on to Langdon’s quest.

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For readers, the changes might seem too drastic and forced. But for the ones who treat literature and cinema as neat equals, the series is a fine take on what the characters would go through without the rush or urge to save the world within the span of 24 hours. The cinematography in this particular episode is strikingly beautiful and sensible than the visual effects in the films. The background score also feels ancient and alien to fit in with the abstract concept of what the characters are hunting.

The Lost Symbol: Final Verdict

Overall, The Lost Symbol in itself is a well-made piece, slow but well made. The events in the series don’t take place after the events of ‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘Da Vinci Code’, which justifies why everything feels a little out of place as this is the founding ground for Robert Langdon’s character. By the end there is a hint towards a possible season 2 approaching as Sato and Langdon join hands to be the nationless spies, but, that’s still speculation.

The Lost Symbol is good binge-worthy content to cherish if you love slow-paced, well-crafted thrillers. You can watch all episodes streaming now on Voot Select. For the recap of the previous episodes of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, click here.

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The Lost Symbol episode 10 marks the end of the series. Will Langdon and Katherine be able to stop Mal'akh, find out here!

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The Lost Symbol Episode 10 Review: The Final ShowdownThe Lost Symbol episode 10 marks the end of the series. Will Langdon and Katherine be able to stop Mal'akh, find out here!