The Last Bus Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed the Science Fiction Series?

Netflix’s latest eco-fable was an entertaining binge-worthy watch. So, does that mean we are all set to get The Last Bus Season 2 soon? Well, it would not be a surprise! Created and written by Paul Neafcy, the show is aiming to soon become a fan favourite. It is developed by Jesse Cleverly, Sarah Mattingley and Paul Neafcy, produced by Andy Mosse, and, directed by Lawrence Gough. The science fiction series consists of only ten episodes, each with a runtime of 30-40 minutes.

Netflix’s The Last Bus is memorable and valuable in its storytelling. It centres around the progress and evolution of technology and, shows us how machines have the capability to take over the world and destroy it when time strikes. The cast featured actors Moosa Mostafa as Nas, Lauryn Ajufo as Misha, Daniel Frogson as Tom, Carys John as Bethan, Nathanael Saleh as Josh, Curtis Kantsa as Danny, Marlie Morrelle as Chelsea, Phoebe De Silva as Sophie along with The Umbrella Academy star Robert Sheehan as Dalton Monkhouse and After Life actor Tom Basden as Mr Short in central roles.

Will there be The Last Bus Season 2?

Possibly, yes. Netflix has not renewed the show as of yet but, given the cliffhanger ending, we can assume that the streaming giant is planning to bring on a second season to give the audiences some closure. By the end of The Last Bus Season 1’s final episode, we see the kids finally meeting the much talked about Dalton Monkhouse, who is, of course, a rude, egoistic person. But, the greater revelation is that the kids’ family members are not dead but, are harvested and placed in stasis somewhere. This plotline to find the families and bring them back to normalcy is interesting enough to help us through another season.

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But, that is not all that we might get because Lucy, Dalton’s love child is also turning out to be one evil kid. She is set to find the bus and the members, now that they have fled with the Nexus key that controls the entire Monkhouse technology. Well, Lucy is desperate for the key because she wants to be in charge to approve returns from stasis and, who does not which will aid her making of a brand new word. With all these evil plans dangling in the air, The Last Bus Season 2 seems inevitable.

The Last Bus Season 1 Trailer:

Meanwhile, you can watch all the ten episodes of the first season of The Last Bus, now streaming on Netflix.

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