The King’s Affection Episode 19 Recap: Park Eun-bin and Rowoon Get Ready For War

The King’s Affection is a Korean drama-romance TV series directed by Hyun Wook Song, based on Lee So-young’s comic titled Yeonmo. The series has 20 episodes and stars Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Byung-chan, and Bae Yoon-kyung, alongside other cast members. The King’s Affection episode 19 is 66 minutes long.

Netflix describes the series as:

When the crown prince is killed, his twin sister assumes the throne while trying to keep her identity and affection for her first love a royal secret.

– The King’s Affection episode 19 recap contains major spoilers –

Ji-un, after having learnt of Yi-hwi’s true identity, goes to talk to her. The two spend some time together and discuss how difficult it must’ve been for both of them to spend time with each other considering the circumstances in The King’s Affection episode 19. Yi-hwi tells him that she is thankful that he has returned to her and the two share a kiss.

Meanwhile, So-eun thinks back to her breaking off her engagement with Ji-un. She is sad, but understanding of the circumstances surrounding why it’s best that she does not marry Ji-un – it’s better to not marry than be stuck in a loveless marriage. Ji-un also shares a heartbreaking conversation with Seok-jo, where he laments the thought that he was finally starting to understand Seok-jo. But, alas, he instead leaves saying that if he wants to kill Yi-hwi, he must kill his son first.

Yi-hwi has a meeting with Ki-jae and Queen Dowager and lets her know that she knows everything about her “twin sister”. Dowager tells Yi-hwi that she must never speak of this again since it will definitely weaken her place as the King. However, she says that she isn’t worried about her position but if people get to know what the two of them have done to keep the secret then they will be under heavy punishment. Yi-hwi tells them, in turn, that the secret cannot come out anyway since her twin is dead. Ki-jae assures her that no one will ever know the truth.

Seok-jo gets into trouble in The King’s Affection episode 19 and is faced with a difficult position when his wife is almost killed. Ji-un, too, gets there just in the nick of time and the two successfully kill all the guards and save her. Meanwhile, Jaeun fights till his last breath to save Bok-dong and Lady Kim from Wonsan and his men. Wonsan, however, stops just short of killing him and leaves him bloodied in the forest, asking him never to return.

Ki-jae comes face-to-face with Seok-jo and accuses him of hiding the truth about Yi-hwi. Meanwhile, Ji-un has broken into Ki-jae’s place in hopes of getting the poison that killed King Hyejong. Seok-jo takes Ki-jae hostage and Ji-un joins him. However, as Seok-jo asks his son to leave, things get complicated when the former is struck by an arrow and Wonsan brings Bok-dong and Lady Kim with him, in The King’s Affection episode 19.

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That night, as a bloodied Jaeun stumbles into Yi-hwi’s chamber, Ji-un, Seok-jo, Bok-dong and Lady Kim are taken hostage by Ki-jae and his men. Just as Ji-un is about to be killed, a barrage of arrows rain down on the men and an army of men barge in to murder Ki-jae’s men. Yi-hwi, too, joins them and arrests Ki-jae on charges of treason, having acquired the box of poison from him. In prison, Ki-jae threatens to expose Yi-hwi’s secret. However, she tells him that no one would believe a traitor since she has all the proof necessary to trap Ki-jae.

The next day in court, in The King’s Affection episode 19, Yi-hwi orders Ki-jae to be beheaded and also gives Ga-on and Prince Jehyeon their honour back. She then tells Dowager that she will abdicate the throne. When Dowager asks her the reason, she tells her the truth – that the real Yi-hwi was killed all those years ago and that she is the actual twin sister.

Later, Jehyeon asks Yi-hwi to not abdicate the throne but she tells him that considering Ki-jae’s crimes, she must leave. She further asks him to keep their father’s wishes in mind and be a kind ruler. When Seok-jo tells her of his crimes and asks for forgiveness, she refuses to forgive him nor kill him. Thus, she asks Seok-jo to travel to Yeoyeon and find Wonsan with her army. Afterwards, she will come up with the right punishment for him.

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Next, in The King’s Affection episode 19, she goes to Ha-gyeong and asks her to leave the palace and start her life afresh. When she asks her why she is doing so much for her, Yi-hwi shows her who she really is. She apologises for deceiving her and tells her that this is the reason why she couldn’t be her husband. This scene is just too good, too well written. Just so heartbreaking.

After some time has passed, Jaeun looks fresh and is seen talking to the memorial tablet of his late father. He receives a message from Wonsan but the messenger is unable to tell him where Wonsan went. Meanwhile, Yi-hwi and Ji-un discuss her passing on the throne to Jehyeon the next day. As they are discussing Seok-jo, Bok-dong tells them that Ki-jae has disappeared from his cell.

That night, Ki-jae’s secret army, headed by Wonsan, arrives at the palace gates.

Final Thoughts: The King’s Affection episode 19

Oh, man. This episode was just too good to sit still. The King’s Affection episode 19 is thrilling. That’s the only word for it. It’s hella thrilling, with Yi-hwi standing up for everything that is right. However, with war looming on the horizon, how will the finale end?

This episode has it all – there’s just so many emotional moments and moments that will make you scream, “NO!” Absolutely thrilling from start to end, this episode is an awesome watch from start to finish.

The King’s Affection is streaming on Netflix.

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The King's Affection episode 19: Thrilling from start to end and with adequate emotion peppered throughout, the latest episode will make you wish you had one more to watch.

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The King’s Affection Episode 19 Recap: Park Eun-bin and Rowoon Get Ready For WarThe King's Affection episode 19: Thrilling from start to end and with adequate emotion peppered throughout, the latest episode will make you wish you had one more to watch.