The King’s Affection Episode 15 Recap: Park Eun-bin and Rowoon Turn the Heat On

The King’s Affection is a Korean drama-romance TV series directed by Hyun Wook Song, based on Lee So-young’s comic titled Yeonmo. The series has 20 episodes and stars Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Byung-chan, and Bae Yoon-kyung, alongside other cast members. The King’s Affection episode 15 is 64 minutes long.

Netflix describes the series as:

When the crown prince is killed, his twin sister assumes the throne while trying to keep her identity and affection for her first love a royal secret.

– The King’s Affection episode 15 recap contains major spoilers –

After last episode’s shocking revelations, Seok-jo is confused, shocked and has put 2 and 2 together about Yi-hwi’s true identity in The King’s Affection episode 15. He asks his son to engage in a duel with him, after waiting for him outside his house. Later, they share drinks together and he asks him about Dam-i. Ji-un tells him that he used to resent his father for having to do something to get rid of her, but unfortunately, he still does not understand his motivations.

Meanwhile, Ga-on is back to the palace in The King’s Affection episode 15 and is remembering the night he saw the Hyejong’s eunuch running away after he turned up dead. He follows him to his home, however, unfortunately, he had hung himself by the time he found him. In the present, he is outside the eunuch’s wife’s home. She is horrified to find him there and asks him to spare her life.

However, he asks him about her husband’s involvement with Ki-jae which she tells him. Invariably, Ga-on realises that her husband, Ki-jae and Hwa-gil are linked, sending him into a rage. He asks her not to tell anyone what she told him and gets on his way. On the road, he meets Hyeong-seol and the two stare at each other.

Meanwhile, Ji-un gets this month’s schedule and realises that thanks to his own mistake, he has been excluded from giving lessons to Yi-hwi. He makes up some excuses and asks them to assign him all of Scribe Kim’s duties in The King’s Affection episode 15. On the other hand, Yi-hwi thinks back to the time spend last night with Ji-un. Bok-dong teases her but they are both shocked to see Ji-un come in to give Yi-hwi her lessons. It’s a light and frothy moment as they both steal glances with each other and think about last night.

At the same time, Ha-gyeong is having a crisis thinking about what she did wrong for Yi-hwi to reject her. Her maid tells her that it might be because Yi-hwi has a strained relationship with Ki-jae, someone whom Ha-gyeong’s father looks up to. She is ecstatic after hearing this and thinks that she can make everything right with this information. Poor thing.

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As Ki-jae comes back to the palace, a bunch of scholars are protesting and asking for the King to dismiss him. He is annoyed, and while the scholars are taken to prison, he goes to meet Yi-hwi. The latter tells him that there must be someone who is controlling them and it’s not their own words. She tells him that it does not bother her but if enough come along they can bring him down.

She, thus, advises him to bring Yeong-su back to the palace, someone the scholars look up to. Ki-jae says that since he was thrown out, there’s a slim chance for him to come back. Yi-hwi, thus, comes up with a plan. She sends Chief Yang to get him back and although he initially declines, he opens up the order to find the word “bulbibulmyeong” written inside in a separate paper. Yeong-su looks concerned and returns to the palace.

Yeong-su and Yi-hwi have a good chat in The King’s Affection episode 15 and he tells her that he has received her secret message. However, he warns her that he will not be a pawn in her political game and will go against her if she tries to take one wrong step. Yi-hwi tells him that that is exactly why she asked him to come back so that he can save the court from Ki-jae’s grasp. She then gives him the log that proves the illegal activities of the Minister of Taxation and tells her that this will his first job as the Inspector General.

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Yeong-su raids Park Won-hyeong home and finds the stolen rice there. He and Yi-hwi then sit with Won-hyeong and give him two options – first, he can run and hope that Ki-jae doesn’t find him, second, he can tell her which guild provides Ki-jae with the weapons and then she can protect him. At the same time, Ki-jae gets news of the raid and asks them to burn everything.

Ki-jae goes to talk to Yi-hwi and asks him what his game is, in The King’s Affection episode 15. She tells him that she shouldn’t have taken any steps without asking him first, although she tells him that she did it to protect his name. He tells her to not dare to challenge him and to not do anything without his permission.

As Ji-un and his buddies write down what has happened with the Minister of Taxation, Ki-jae finds a single piece of paper lying on the ground on his way out which has everything written down and asks for Won-hyeong’s impeachment. He is furious, but Yi-hwi is secretly gloating. The next morning, she congratulates Ji-un for a job well done. However, he asks her for a favour and before she can say anything, he runs up to kiss her.

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However, Ji-un and Jaeun’s friendship is affected due to the former’s decision to stay at the palace and not brush his feelings aside. A scene just after this brings them together in an awkward and tense encounter. Just then though, they are called to meet Ha-gyeong, who asks them to give her pointers regarding the things that Yi-hwi likes. The two have a little cold war regarding who knows Yi-hwi best. But among all this Ha-gyeong is the sweetest thing ever!

Anyway, now we are back to Ga-on, who also knows that Yi-hwi is a woman. Anyway, Lady Kim tells Yi-hwi that night that his heart-to-heart with Ha-gyeong did not work. Before they can talk about it though, Bok-dong tells her that Hyeong-seol has called for her. When she gets to their meeting place in The King’s Affection episode 15, she is shocked to find Ga-on, who straight-up tells her that he was the assassin who attacked her at the royal hunting. He tells her everything after that.

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Ki-jae gets Won-hyeong killed after his betrayal, leaving Seok-jo traumatised for some reason. The next morning, in The King’s Affection episode 15, Yi-hwi falls asleep while studying under a tree and everyone comes across him and gets a good laugh. However, Ha-gyeong’s attempt to kiss her falls flat when Yi-hwi gets up startled and falls on her. She’s even more confused when she finds Ji-un standing behind the tree looking at them confusedly. It’s so funny.

Anyway, they later meet outside the palace through her secret door, and she starts to tease him, putting him in a tight spot. She tells him that she will endure anything for the feelings that she has, just like him. They then start (aesthetically) making out and honestly, I am here for this romance.

Final Thoughts: The King’s Affection episode 15

The King’s Affection episode 15 is a well-balanced episode with a lot of kissing and I am here for it. Although I feel heartbroken for poor Ha-gyeong who has been put in this position for no fault of hers, I am hoping something good happens to her eventually. Either way, Ga-on and Yeong-su’s entry into the series this late means Ki-jae is getting what’s coming to him and very soon. Plus, his most trusted Seok-jo seems to be going against him slowly, so that can’t be good. This episode was absolutely entertaining and will give butterflies in your stomach. Also, the aesthetic here will win your heart – it’s absolutely beautiful.

The King’s Affection is streaming on Netflix.

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Park Eun-bin and Rowoon will give you butterflies in The King's Affection episode 15, apart from serious a need for political sabotage.

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The King’s Affection Episode 15 Recap: Park Eun-bin and Rowoon Turn the Heat OnPark Eun-bin and Rowoon will give you butterflies in The King's Affection episode 15, apart from serious a need for political sabotage.