The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 Recap: Lee Kwang-soo Gets Involved In The Murder Case

The Killer’s Shopping List (살인자의 쇼핑목록) is a 2022 South Korean Comedy Thriller based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji-young. The drama is directed by Lee Eon-hee and features Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun (Seolhyun of AOA) and Jin Hee-kyung in lead roles. The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 has a runtime of 64 minutes.

– The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 Recap Contains Spoilers –

Dae-sung and the old man found a dead body in the playground and Dae-sung immediately reported it to the police. The dead woman is a regular customer of the MS Mart and Dae-sung recognizes her right away. With his powerful memory, Dae-sung remembers her name, address, contact number and what she regularly bought from the store. The police detective looks suspiciously at Dae-sung and wonders how he knows all the details about her. However, Inspector Kim Doo-hyun assures him that he is the mart owner’s son and lives in the same neighbourhood.

The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2
Still from The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2

At the crime scene, Dae-sung had spotted a Choco Pie wrapper and some pills around the body. His smart mind doesn’t let him sit idle and he starts investing on his own. The little girl, Yul who had given him the lost slipper comes again to the store which gives chance to Dae-sung to investigate more. Yul tells Dae-sung that she found the slipper near the Virgin Mary statue in the Church garden. Dae-sung leaves the mart and goes to the Church garden right away.

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Near the Virgin Mary statue, he finds a candle named after that woman and also the pills lying around, the same pills that were near her body. Dae-sung follows the trace and finds a torn stalking. While he checks it out, Inspector Kim calls him from behind and Dae-sung hides the stalking in his pocket. The Inspector knows Dae-sung since he was a kid and knows how big of a troublemaker he is. When the criminal from his childhood came back and tried to choke his mother, Dae-sung hit him with a can, making him bleed but the Inspector let it pass because he didn’t want to make Dae-sung infamous for being on the hit list of a criminal.

The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2
Still from The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2

Dae-sung has been keeping a tab on the purchase of all the customers and shortlisting the suspicious people. He even checks if the stalking can be used to strangle someone and it turns out to be true. He suspects his co-worker Saeng Sun, the young boy who buys the stalking but doesn’t tell whom they are for. The boy is an ex-convict of theft and is usually quiet while working. Dae-sung is more interested in the case than his work. He could be a great detective if he tried but the thought never crossed his mind.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 Ending

Dae-sung’s mother has been delivering groceries for another mart through their app to understand their tactics. She worked all day on her first day and on her way back home, she experiences a gruesome thing. A few days ago, a woman had come to the store complaining about the wrong deliveries at her home but turns out, the mart had never made those deliveries. Women at the mart suspect it could be a stalker. Dae-sung’s mother goes to check up on that woman but finds a strange man at her door but it was just the realtor. As the woman didn’t open her door, they barge in and the woman is lying in the puddle of blood.

The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2
Still from The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2

Every item with respect to the crime was bought from MS Mart except the medicinal pills but A-hee tells Dae-sung that they are normal vitamin pills. Dae-sung didn’t know they sold vitamin pills but one of the saleswomen tells him that his father was conned by a man who sent him boxes of these pills instead of money for a project. Dae-sung finds that man’s picture on the internet and recognizes that he looks like the crazy old man. He tells A-hee about the same and they visit the hospital to meet the old man. In the medical records, the old manis age is written much younger than he looks and tells other people.

A-hee’s suspicion increases more when she doesn’t find the old man on his bed. On their way out, Dae-sung stumbles into a man and recognizes him. He is not only the old man without his wig but also the criminal who threatened Dae-sung to come back for him when he was younger. The old man grabs A-hee and puts a can cutter at her neck. A can cutter was also found near the dead body of the second woman in her apartment which raises the question if the old man is the killer? Is that the reason he had been living disguised?

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 Review

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 moves fast as Dae-sung uses his powerful memory to connect the dots. Dae-sung has a real talent which he ignores and that could be his career. He has failed at achieving anything in his life and this could be this chance to prove his potential. However, he could also get trapped by his own smartness as he could also be suspected of the murders because of the information that he has but has withheld from the police.

The Killer’s Shopping List is available to watch on Viki.

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The murder of two women hints at a serial murderer case in The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2.

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The murder of two women hints at a serial murderer case in The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2.The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2 Recap: Lee Kwang-soo Gets Involved In The Murder Case