The Kardashians Episode 4 Recap: We’re Celebrating Sex

The Kardashians Episode 4 is out now! Hulu’s newest reality show features one of the most iconic families of the influencer culture, the Kardashian-Jenner family. The cast for this episode, therefore, includes Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West, and Khloe Kardashian along with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-partner, Scott Disick as well as her present fiance Travis Barker. The runtime of the fourth episode is 45 minutes.

– The Kardashians Episode 4 Recap Contains Mild Spoilers –

In The Kardashians Episode 4, we see Kris and Kim suggest Kylie and Kendall get off the freeway for a bit to lessen their chances of running into Kourtney and Travis. Meanwhile, Simon and Phil are also 30 minutes away from the scene and Kris directs them to slow down. When asked what Kourtney thinks is going on today as the proposal is a surprise, Corey chimes in that we’re celebrating the first time they hooked up aka sex. We also get to know that Travis’ kids are going to be present there, but Penelope and Mason might not be and, it is Kourtney’s decision to break the news to her kids, the way she wants to.

The location for the grand event is Rosewood Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara. Kris, Kim, Corey, Simon and Phil are the first ones at the hotel. Kris recounts the story of how Travis asked for Kourtney’s hand in marriage when Kim adds that Scott is going to lose it when he gets to know about the proposal. Kris also adds that Kourtney and Travis might just fast track the marriage which will put Scott in a difficult spot.

Khloe and Tristan come in next. Khloe declares that she and Tristan are back together and, goes on to explain how good a father Tristan is along with the fact that True is always happy to have both her parents around and, that she and Tristan are just really good partners. Kendall and Kylie are the last ones to arrive. The proposal is set to take place at sunset and, prior to that, we see Travis’ children and the Kardashian family with friends sitting together and having a fun time.

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Travis proposes to Kourtney on the beach filled with roses and, it is a sight to behold. Even though the duo keeps the moment as private as possible with cameras spying from afar, the after pictures and Kourtney getting engaged for the first time to melt everyone’s hearts. When they come into the hotel room, everyone surprises them. We see Kris Jenner all teary-eyed and, speak highly of Travis as her firstborn is now engaged to be married.

But, Penelope, Kourtney’s daughter, gets to know about the engagement over a video call and takes it hard and starts to cry as it is a big change. Reign, however, is fine. Soon enough, Khloe breaks the news that Scott knows about the proposal and, is upset about the kids not being there and also if he will not be involved in the family anymore. Khloe breaks down Penelope’s reaction as something she is doing because she thinks she is going to lose her dad and, Travis is going to replace him. As for Kourtney and Scott, on Kendall’s inquisition, if Kourtney feels sympathy for Scott’s position, she says that she does.

Kim breaks the Scott-conversation to let Kourtney and others enjoy the night of new beginnings. At the dinner table, Kris gives a little toast as she gets emotional followed by Travis’ kid, Langdon, who makes a short and sweet speech. We move on to the next day where we see Kim and Khloe at a new location to recreate Kim’s iconic peak from the bush meme. Kim talks about Tristan’s efforts and, how he and Khloe are doing better seemingly. Khloe also talks about the progress she and Tristan are making.

The conversation moves to Kim and Kanye and, we get to know Kanye West walked out mid-monologue at Kim’s SNL and, they haven’t spoken since. It was apparently because Kim called him a “rapper” because, he is so much more than that and, also because she said that he had “divorced” him, instead of “filed for divorce”. The two talk about how Kanye always has gotten exactly what he wants which makes his behaviour the way it is.

Next Khloe visits Scott, who is surprisingly doing well. He is happy for Kourtney but, definitely acts out and says Kourtney is a lot of work and, is also upset over the kids not being at the hotel for the proposal. However, Khloe sits down and lets Scott express himself freely. The last segment of The Kardashians Episode 4 shows us, Kourtney and Travis, at the egg retrieval where they are able to find one good follicle that can potentially turn into an egg and, the couple is ecstatic by the news.

The Kardashians Episode 4: Final Thoughts

Overall, The Kardashians Episode 4 is really sweet and heartwarming with the entire proposal thing happening, Khloe Kardashian is rightfully the fan favourite for having all the right responses for all the given situations and, it really fun seeing her handle things. As for Scott, it is uncertain for a lot of people why he is still even in the show and, at this point, it just looks like it is there to simply create an element of drama.

You can watch The Kardashians Episode 4 now on Hulu.

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The Kardashians Episode 4 shows Travis Barker's lovely proposal to Kourtney Kardashian.

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The Kardashians Episode 4 shows Travis Barker's lovely proposal to Kourtney Kardashian.The Kardashians Episode 4 Recap: We're Celebrating Sex