The Kardashians Finale Recap: Enough is Enough

The Kardashians Episode 10 is out now! Hulu’s newest reality show features one of the most iconic families of the influencer culture, the Kardashian-Jenner family. The cast for this episode, therefore, includes Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West, and Khloe Kardashian along with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-partner, Scott Disick as well as her present fiance Travis Barker.

The synopsis for The Kardashians Finale reads: “As the season wraps up, Kris embarks on yet another new business venture. Khloé faces gut-wrenching news that throws her plans for a bright future into turmoil.” The runtime for the episode is 44 minutes.

– The Kardashians Episode 10 Recap Contains Mild Spoilers –

The Kardashians Episode 10 picks up right at the gym with Kim getting on a call with Khloe from Episode 9. Kim reads out the declaration to Khloe and explains the situation as Khloe breaks down over the call. The cameras are excused for the sisters to have their own time in this light of revelation.

The Kardashian family decides to have a family meeting where we have Kris, Kourtney and Corey joined by Kim. However, Khloe does not turn up, visibly dealing with her own set of emotions. The sisters and the mother talk about how Khloe deserves better and how she’s been trying to hold onto the relationship and about Tristan’s patterned betrayal.

When we cut to the next day, we finally get to hear from Khloe for the first time who is devasted, humiliated and embarrassed by Tristan’s betrayal. She talks about spending some time with herself and recounts the memories she created with Tristan and True and how they feel like a lie.

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We get to see Khloe’s interaction with Kendall after the Tristan news, where the former reveals how her health has been failing her and she has even fainted. Kendall tries to be there for Khloe over the call as much as she can but, it is apparent with her words and statements how much Khloe feels hurt by the entire thing.

We shift a little from Khloe’s sad segment to a little fun thing which is Kris Jenner recording a Christmas song- an idea produced by Travis and, we see Travis, Kourt and Kris have fun. But, soon we get back to check on Khloe when Kim visits her. Both of them talk about their respective marriages and how they did not work out but, yet it is okay to be proud of the work one put in.

Following this, we have Kim shooting her Christmas Card with her kids, which is extremely exhausting as we can all see. Scott along with Penelope and Reign are paid a visit by Khloe and, it is yet another try to empower her and make her feel better. The two also talk about Kim finding Pete and having a drama-free relationship. As for Kris’ jingle bells song, turns out it is pretty decent.

The episode follows Khloe through another day when she packs Tristan’s clothes away. She built the house for True, Tristan and herself but, of course, they will not be a family anymore. The family finally gets together in this episode when they come for their Hulu photo shoot for The Kardashians and, Kim and Khloe have another round of conversation where she reveals how done she is with Tristan.

The Kardashians Episode 10 ends with a sum-up from every Kardashian. We have Khloe go first where she reveals that she will not let people wrong her anymore. Kourtney talks about how she is in the best space in her life and how she wants to focus on the now and the future.

Although we saw Kylie really less in this season, she lets us know how excited she is to have another baby and change her life again. Kendall talks about how living a life in the public life is not easy and their family is not perfect but, they will always have each others’ backs to get through things. Kim finishes it off by saying how she is in a happy place and wants to explore more of her life and try out new things.

The finale of The Kardashians ends on a cliffhanger. We have Kris be grateful about the show and her family until a group text intrigues her about a new, spicey update in her family and the camera cuts to ‘to be continued’.

The Kardashians Episode 10: Final Verdict

The Kardashians Finale was really emotional. Not that it will make you cry but, it was upsetting to see Khloe’s hurt and the betrayal she keeps facing time and again. The show in itself had a good run. It wasn’t as grossly entertaining as KUWTK but, was mature and understanding and, lets you know the family more intimately than know their scandals, per se.

Some episodes were really fun and good, whereas some were a letdown. However, there is no question that there is going to be a season two of the show and, we are going to see more of the Kardashian clan.

You can watch The Kardashians Episode 10 now on Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar. To read our recaps of the previous episodes, click here.

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The Kardashians Episode 10 marks the finale of the Kardashian-Jenner show on Hulu.

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The Kardashians Finale Recap: Enough is EnoughThe Kardashians Episode 10 marks the finale of the Kardashian-Jenner show on Hulu.