The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1 Review: Rain and Ro Hong-chul’s Fun Travelogue

Netflix never disappoints when it comes to South Korean reality TV and The Hungry and The Hairy is no exception. Created by Kim Tae-ho, Chang Woo-sung and Lee Joo-won, this reality TV is filled with fun and relaxation unlike any other. Starring Rain aka Jung Ji-hoon (The Hungry) and Ro Hong-chul (The Hairy), the show is ten episodes long with each episode being an hour-long documenting our two hosts just enjoying their life at different places.

– Netflix’s The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1 review does not contain spoilers –

The Hungry and The Hairy: The Good, The Bad, The Weird

The Hungry and The Hairy features actor-singer Rain, or Jung Ji-hoon along with TV star Ro Hong-chul travelling to beautiful destinations on their motorcycles. We see our hosts visit the cities and areas of the countryside in Korea. The show covers aspects of food, travel, lifestyle with a lot of crazy but fun activities.

Rain and Ro Hong-chul kick off their journey on Jeju Island. The duo spends the first two episodes exploring the coastal regions of Jeju Island and interacting with the locals. By the next episodes, they move on to places the include Gochang, Busan, Gangwon, Gyeongju, Namhae. While on this journey, our hosts partake in activities like rock climbing, camping, amusement park trip and others.

The show offers an unscripted and genuine vibe. Starting from the little competitions between Rain and Ro Hong-chul about whose bike is the better one to who is a better swimmer, the camaraderie that the two share is infectious, making you laugh all the time. The concept of travelogues being boring is completely changed in this Netflix reality show, as the two hosts are not only constantly hustling but also offering the audience an interactive as well as philosophical session throughout.

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In the backdrop of a motorbike road trip and delicious local cuisines from all across Korea, The Hungry and The Hairy focuses a lot on how two people, who are polar opposites of one another, can complete each other and find solace in travelling together. Rain and Ro Hong-chul share different thoughts and ideologies with each other throughout the course of the trip but, without overpowering or dominating the different ideas, our hosts integrate them together for a rather thoughtful and entertaining show. The series also features a beautiful background score composed by Rain himself to put in the right vibe.

The South Korean variety show completes a full circle as the last episode shows us Rain and Ro Hong-chul returning back to Jeju Island (the place from where they started their trip) and thereafter heading back to Seoul marking the end of the journey, with a pleasant surprise for the audience at the end.

The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1: Final Verdict

The Hungry and The Hairy is an interesting show they people would really like. With a dream come true like a road trip, good company and food and scenic beauty plastered across the screen, the show is an ideal one if you want to sit back and relax on a lazy weekend. If you are someone who appreciates or likes travelling, The Hungry and The Hairy is just the show you need to watch, especially while travelling to experience exactly what our hosts do! Hopefully, a season two will soon be gifted to us.

You can watch all the episodes of The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1 now streaming on Netflix.

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The Hungry and The Hairy is a beautiful and fun show that would make you want to travel.


  1. I so enjoyed watching the show and would love to try all the different flavors that they shared. Love to see a second season of these two funny guys

  2. I wanted to like this show but the character Hairy constantly yelling random words, and his shameless plug of Netflix throughout the show was beyond annoying. He was trying so hard I had to stop watching.

  3. I loved this show! Hairy could get annoying at times but the Korean country side, people and food over shadowed that. I love Rain as a singer and actor but this really showed his true self. If your interested in Korea watch this show!!

  4. What i dont like is the laughter of Hong Chul. He always shouts which to me sounds weird and annoying. Sll throughout every episode he would shout and laugh in 1 voice due to excitement. Please tone it down because it isnt funny.

  5. Lee Sangsoon composed the background music, not Rain… some parts of this review are oddly off. However, I did LOVE the show. Especially the just…wholesome, complete joy that came through as I watched. So much energy and genuine friendship & love for life. There’s not enough of this on tv in English.

  6. Brilliant series but l can understand why it lost a star – can someone dial “Hairy” down several notches? That’s all it needs to make it a five stars show for me.
    The friendship is a little one sided when it comes to the care and cooking but it obviously works for the two of you.
    And Rain, although Hairy might not be aware of why your wife loves you so much, I definitely found out why after watching this series. 🤗

  7. Hairy Hong Chul is very annoying. Wish he stops mentioning Netflix every moment he gets – such a kill joy!!!

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The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1 Review: Rain and Ro Hong-chul's Fun TravelogueThe Hungry and The Hairy is a beautiful and fun show that would make you want to travel.