The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 Recap: Blank Spaces

The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 is out now! The series is created by Liz Hannah & Patrick Macmanus and, inspired by The Girl from Plainville by Jesse Barron. It is produced by UCP, Echo Lake Entertainment and Littleton Road Productions and, distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution (internationally) and Hulu (United States). The runtime for the episode is 40 minutes.

Elle Fanning headlines The Girl from Plainville as Michelle Carter. The other cast members include Colton Ryan as Conrad “Coco” Roy III, Chloë Sevigny as Lynn Roy, Norbert Leo Butz as Conrad “Co” Roy II, Cara Buono as Gail Carter and Kai Lennox as David Carter, with Peter Gerety as Conrad Roy, Sr., Michael Mosley as Joseph Cataldo, Aya Cash as Katie Rayburn, Ella Kennedy Davis as Sydney Roy, Pearl Amanda Dickson as Susie Pierce and others.

– Hulu’s The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 Recap Contains Spoilers –

– (Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Suicide) –

The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 marks the final episode of this miniseries. We see Michelle texting Conrad about what he is doing, meanwhile, she is also seen texting Natalie and Cassie about how Conrad is missing and, there is no trace of him yet. Michelle constantly tries to convince Conrad that it is time for him to take his life. When he tells her that he is going to take out his dog for a walk, Michelle further tells him that he needs to do it after the walk. While leaving, Lynn convinces Conrad to spend the day with her and his sisters at the beach.

We see the family at the beach later on and, Lynn & Conrad have a fun, easy conversation almost indicating how he appeared normal to everyone. He feels determined after his day at the beach, which almost serves as the closure he needs to get from his family that he is going to commit suicide. Michelle supports his decision readily. After returning home, Conrad jots his last letter for his family and, one for Michelle. We see him head to the parking lot thereafter, where his body was later recovered. All this while, Michelle puts on the guise of Conrad being missing to Cassie and Natalie, even while he is still alive.

The next segment takes us to the present timeline, where the court case continues. We get to know that Michelle hasn’t testified in the court and, now there is only the final verdict left as the defence and the prosecution have both made their closing statements. Ahead of the verdict, Michelle and Katie run into each other in the washroom, where Michelle thanks Katie for caring for Conrad enough to fight the case. Katie is visibly shocked.

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The judge gives his groundbreaking verdict that it was Michelle Carter’s reckless and wanton behaviour and, serious disregard for Conrad Roy that led to the event in question to occur. Furthermore, Dr. Breggins’ analysis is not valued as credible. The court ultimately finds Michelle Carter guilty as it was her instruction after Conrad exited the truck the first time, that sealed the death of the young man. The camera zooms into Michelle, who is crying, almost trying to repress her emotions.

The next thing we know is seeing Michelle driving home for Christmas, apparently back from college in California. She visits a bar where she runs into Conrad, seemingly for the second time in her life and they both strike up a conversation. However, as we see the conversation progressing, we realize what is presented to us on screen is not the reality and, rather a version Michelle wishes happened- getting through college, meeting Conrad in a bar, understanding herself and, not seeking others to like her. The fiction tries to braids itself slowly into reality after we see Conrad leaving the bar and, Michelle following him into the parking lot where he took his life.

Michelle shouts at Conrad from afar about how he had wanted to take his life so many times but, he never did it. Michelle breaks down and, asks Conrad to go home instead of getting inside the truck. But, irrespective of what Michelle wishes would have happened, the reality still cannot be changed and, Conrad gets inside his car and, takes his life.

We are pulled out of the fictional town into the present soon enough. We see Michelle’s mother taking her for a haircut. Michelle gets a new haircut and, the hairdresser is extremely nice and kind to her, asking her if she likes her new look, encouraging her to touch her newly dressed hair. However, her demeanour towards the mother-daughter duo changes instantly when she recognizes Michelle as a criminal from the newspaper kept in front of her. As for Conrad’s family, we see his mother and father doing a little better now and, their relationship also seems have found a space to interact more, without angry fits.

The court is our final destination in The Girl from Plainville Episode 8, where the Judge is set to review his verdict on Michelle’s case and, she is taken into custody by the end. As the episode comes to an end, we are made aware of the fact that the real-life Michelle Carter began serving a 15-month sentence in 2019 due to the involuntary Manslaughter of Conrad Roy III. The episode also continues to tell us the present scenario of the case and, the people related to the case.

The Girl from Plainville Episode 8: Final Thoughts

The final episode of The Girl from Plainville was short but, gave a relevant ending to the show. We did not only get to see how the final verdict of the case was acheived but, also how Michelle might have wanted things to go differently, how people around Michelle started to treat her differently as well as the conditions of both the families affected by the case. The series in general was not absoluetly brillant, something like Netflix’s Inventing Anna. But, it was successful in spread awareness about a lot of things with mental health at its core.

You can watch The Girl from Plainville Finale now on Hulu.

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The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 marks the final episode of Hulu's miniseries.


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The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 marks the final episode of Hulu's miniseries. The Girl from Plainville Episode 8 Recap: Blank Spaces