The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 Recap: Teenage Dirtbag

The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 is out now! The series is created by Liz Hannah & Patrick Macmanus and, inspired by The Girl from Plainville by Jesse Barron. It is produced by UCP, Echo Lake Entertainment and Littleton Road Productions and, distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution (internationally) and Hulu (United States). The runtime for the episode is 45 minutes.

Elle Fanning headlines The Girl from Plainville as Michelle Carter. The other cast members include Colton Ryan as Conrad “Coco” Roy III, Chloë Sevigny as Lynn Roy, Norbert Leo Butz as Conrad “Co” Roy II, Cara Buono as Gail Carter and Kai Lennox as David Carter, with Peter Gerety as Conrad Roy, Sr., Michael Mosley as Joseph Cataldo, Aya Cash as Katie Rayburn, Ella Kennedy Davis as Sydney Roy, Pearl Amanda Dickson as Susie Pierce and others.

– Hulu’s The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers –

– (Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Suicide) –

The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 opens with a shot of Michelle and Conrad reconciling from their fight in the last episode. We then move along to the court proceedings where we see Dr. Breggins taking the stand. He describes his qualifications and specialities and, goes on to describe the effects of SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) drugs. After a detailed explanation of the working of the drugs, Dr. Breggins notes that the side effects of SSRIs include an increase in suicidal tendencies. It is then revealed that Conrad was on Celexa, an SSRI drug, giving the case a new direction.

We jump back to the timeline of June 29, 2014, where we find Michelle and Conrad having one of their first suicide-related conversations. We see Conrad wanting to give up but, research well enough to know how he wants to die. We find Michelle equally encouraging of Conrad’s plans and, pushing away the doubts Conrad has about his suicide. We also find Michelle confining in Natalie about Conrad’s situation. In the present timeline, when the court breaks for lunch, Conrad’s parents are seen in a comfortable situation talking about their late son and, other life updates.

Post lunch, Mr. Breggins continues his place on the stand and, explains how he has read the texts passed between Michelle and Conrad and, interviewed people who knew Michelle to understand the baseline of the case, as Michelle has been on Prozac, an SSRI drug, due to her anorexia since age 12, which makes her a vulnerable person in a strange position with a helpless and suicidal Conrad. Cataldo further questions Dr. Breggins about involuntary intoxication. It is revealed that Michelle had been on involuntary intoxication since 11 days prior to Conrad’s death making her judgement delusional, giving rise to conflict and, making her not conduct in a lawful way under its effects.

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Dr. Breggins points to Michelle’s involuntary intoxication beginning around July 2, 2014, and, we jump right back to that timeline. Conrad and Michelle’s exchange in texts during that time shows Michelle assuring Conrad of going to heaven after dying as Conrad seeks Michelle’s help committing suicide. We also see Cassie and Natalie supporting Michelle by being by Conrad’s side during this tough time, clearly only knowing the story from Michelle’s point of view.

In the present time, we see Lynn doing an interview with 48 hours on Conrad, his death, the effects and the court case. We see Katie Rayburn extract loopholes in Dr. Breggins’ diagnosis. Not only Dr. Breggins’ report did not state Michelle’s condition about self-harming herself, the doctor had actually not diagnosed Michelle as depressed in the first go. Moreover, the shift in Michelle’s behaviour due to involuntary intoxication on July 2, 2022, not only does not explain the defendant’s behaviour and texts prior to that date but, also the holy grail of psychology, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders- 5 (DSM-5) does not recognize involuntary intoxication as a disorder or diagnosis at all.

We are taken back to July 4, 2014, when we see Michelle really being pushy about Conrad committing suicide. She almost plays it like a challenge or disappointment that Conrad keeps pushing taking his life to the next day because he doesn’t want it enough. However, when Conrad states that he has finally secured himself the perfect plan to die, Michelle immediately texts Natalie that Conrad is missing even though he isn’t. The prosecutor and the defendant give their final arguments in the court as the court is adjourned for the day to deliberate on the evidence and arguments provided.

In the next segment, we see Michelle and her dad going to Michelle’s younger sister’s school play when Michelle poses the question if the judge likes her, showing the audiences Michelle’s clear need for validation. Michelle’s dad asks her if what Dr. Breggins stated about her is true or not but, Michelle is unresponsive. Her father regrets if only Michelle knew she could always talk to him. While watching her sister and the choir sing, Michelle hallucinates being called up on stage by her sister and the entire group singing a humiliating song called ‘teenage dirtbag’ for her.

Final Thoughts: The Girl From Plainville Episode 7

As The Girl from Plainville approaches its end, it is interesting to see the court arguments more than Michelle and Conrad’s story at this point. The seventh episode, in fact, was one of the most enlightening ones in terms of giving out a mental health status on the case. It has also left audiences wondering if the final ruling that we know of is right or wrong and, what will it be based on.

You can watch The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 now on Hulu.

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The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 analyzes Michelle and Conrad's mental health.

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The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 analyzes Michelle and Conrad's mental health.The Girl from Plainville Episode 7 Recap: Teenage Dirtbag