The Girl From Plainville Episode 6 Promo: Emergence of a New Michelle Carter

The Girl From Plainville Episode 6 gives the show a legal turn. We are going to see things heat up in a courtroom setting with a new look of Elle Fanning playing Michelle Carter. Created by Liz Hannah & Patrick Macmanus, the show is inspired by The Girl from Plainville by Jesse Barron. Produced by UCP, Echo Lake Entertainment and Littleton Road Productions and, distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution (internationally) and Hulu (United States), the first five episodes of the show are out and, have received positive reviews from fans and critics worldwide.

The cast of the show includes Elle Fanning the titular character known as Michelle Carter along with Colton Ryan as Conrad “Coco” Roy III, Chloë Sevigny as Lynn Roy, Norbert Leo Butz as Conrad “Co” Roy II, Cara Buono as Gail Carter and Kai Lennox as David Carter, with Peter Gerety as Conrad Roy, Sr., Michael Mosley as Joseph Cataldo, Aya Cash as Katie Rayburn, Ella Kennedy Davis as Sydney Roy, Pearl Amanda Dickson as Susie Pierce and others. The Girl From Plainville Episode 5 gave us an intense insight into the life and psyche of Michelle, who has been a vague persona on our screens since the start.

We are able to understand Michelle’s body image issues as well as her need to be noticed and loved. We also proceed further down in the investigation that turns this suicide case into a homicide one. Given everything on the plate, how will this “love story” turn out to be? Well, The Girl From Plainville Episode 6 promo leads us deep enough to give us a glimpse of a rather angsty Conrad tied with the constant lies our two mentally ill protagonists have been telling around about being just fine.

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We are also taken through the prosecutor and the defendant’s argument of what this case is- a homicide or a suicide case? Michelle’s recklessness is questioned and, Lynn takes a stand for her son, finally.

However, what is the most impressive part of the promo is the new look we see Elle Fanning aka Michelle Carter in. Visibly her child-like appearance is gone and, the startling similarities she has with the real-life Michelle Carter are undeniable, from the hair to the skin tone, everything is a perfect match! Although we do not get to hear Fanning speak in the promo, it will be interesting to see if she has made changes in her accent for the final few episodes, much like Amanda Seyfried did for Hulu’s The Dropout.

The Girl From Plainville Episode 6 Promo

The Girl From Plainville is streaming now on Hulu. To read the recaps of the episodes, click here.

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