The Girl from Plainville Episode 4 Recap: Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore

The Girl from Plainville Episode 4 is out now which brings to us the terrifying real-life story of the death of Conrad Roy in 2014 to life. The series is created by Liz Hannah & Patrick Macmanus and, inspired by The Girl from Plainville by Jesse Barron. It is produced by UCP, Echo Lake Entertainment and Littleton Road Productions and, distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution (internationally) and Hulu (United States).

Elle Fanning headlines The Girl from Plainville as Michelle Carter. The other cast members include Colton Ryan as Conrad “Coco” Roy III, Chloë Sevigny as Lynn Roy, Norbert Leo Butz as Conrad “Co” Roy II, Cara Buono as Gail Carter and Kai Lennox as David Carter, with Peter Gerety as Conrad Roy, Sr., Michael Mosley as Joseph Cataldo, Aya Cash as Katie Rayburn, Ella Kennedy Davis as Sydney Roy, Pearl Amanda Dickson as Susie Pierce and others.

– Hulu’s The Girl from Plainville Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers –

– (Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Suicide) –

The episode opens with a panting Conrad calling his mother, Lynn that he has ended up doing something stupid and, vomits. Soon after we see paramedics rushing in and, helping Conrad up with Lyn and, his sisters watching. Seemingly, he has had an overdose. Conrad is admitted to the hospital where Lyn asks him why did he take such a scary step to which Conrad says, he doesn’t know. A confused and crying Conrad listens to his mother’s plea to not do something similar again. Later Conrad’s mother discloses to his father that the hospital suggests that they commit him to a mental institute and after discharge put him in therapy. His father is against the idea, it seems.

We travel to the present year- 2014 where Teresa is seen asking Conrad’s family about his mental state indicating if the divorce affected his condition. Lynn is defensive and diplomatic and states that divorces are ugly but, Conrad was trying to do better. Katie poses the next question for the parents asking if they know of any Michelle Carter. When Lyn replies in the affirmative, she inquires about Carter’s relationship with Conrad to which Lynn says that they were ‘seemingly’ boyfriend & girlfriend but, they did not know about it until after. Lynn also reveals being in touch with Michelle since the incident.

Meanwhile, Michelle is seen visiting a Mr. Cataldo with her parents, who lets the family know about the investigation taking place in regards to Michelle’s connection to Conrad’s death. Michelle is confused and shocked by the revelation that Katie Rayburn might be able to put charges on her. Mr. Cataldo is not very promising in assuring Michelle that he will protect her but, still asks her to not contact Lynn or anyone else related to the case while the investigation takes place.

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Back in 2012, we see Michelle and Susie exchanging texts all day long and a sneak peek into their blooming relationship. On the other hand, Conrad is seen helping out his Dad and, trying to fit in. When his father suggests therapy, Conrad does not want to go. Back at home, Lynn is overwhelmed to see her son. But the scene soon turns grim when Conrad’s father suggests that their son wants to opt-out of therapy. To escape the drama, Conrad plugs on his earphones, blasting music. He is interrupted by his sister, who tries to break the ice in the house and, to an extent it works.

He texts Michelle to meet up next. And, then reveals to Michelle about being in therapy because he tried to kill himself. Michelle sympathizes and, says that she should have been there for him and, that she loves him. In the present timeline, Teresa and Katie brainstorm about how to approach the case. With assisted suicide not being illegal in Massechuttes, the case for manslaughter does not build up strong against Michelle based on text history. On the other side, Conrad’s father is overwhelmed by anger. He asks his father to sell the truck Conrad committed suicide in but, the request is rejected angering him even more.

We next move to the Michelle-Susie timeline, where Susie mentions that her mother is acting strict with her hanging out and talking to Michelle. On the other hand, Lynn and Conrad have a fun moment where the latter mentions that he is taking pills that are helping him.

In the 2014 timeline, Michelle gets indicted by the grand jury for involuntary manslaughter. She is supposed to turn herself in, Mr, Cataldo also mentions that if she is proven guilty the sentence could be that of 20 years. When Michelle exclaims that she wants to say her side of the story, Mr. Cataldo asks Michelle about the incriminating text she sent Conrad about heading back to the truck.

We soon move back to 2012 where Conrad talks to Michelle over texts and, says that he loves her. Susie, who is with Michelle when she receives the text inquires why would she say Conrad she loves her and vice versa. Michelle explains how she might be possibly in love with two people at the same time but, before she can continue the conversation Susie’s mother calls her in, angrily. The next few days are grim for Michelle with Susie not replying to her text or showing up at softball practice.

When confronted, Susie says her mother’s confiscated her phone and, read all her texts with Michelle. She reveals that she is not into girls and, that her mother thinks that Michelle is obsessed with her. Susie ultimately asks Michelle to leave and get over her. Meanwhile, in 2014 Katie and Teresa discover a fight between Conrad and his father, that sent the former to the hospital making the case weaker than ever. In a flashback, we see how Conrad receives his truck from his grandfather as a gift and, how the time syncs in perfectly for him and Michelle to start talking about love and their future together.

The Girl From Plainville Episode 4: Final Thoughts

The Girl From Plainville Episode 4 takes a back sit by juggling between timelines without fineness. Conrad’s interaction with his family members deserves more screentime than Michelle and Conrad’s wild imagination to make the story more humane. It was abrupt how the subplot concerning Susie also did not get much clarity and, was abrupt in nature. However, maybe it will be cleared in the future. The investigation segments contribute to most of the promising segments for this episode. But, alas, they aren’t enough. Hopefully, the series will pick up pace as the episodes get closer and, focus more on structured storytelling.

You can watch The Girl from Plainville Episode 4, here.

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The Girl from Plainville Episode 4 loses direction to becoming a compelling story.

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