Netflix’s The Forty Year Old Version Review: Satirical and Phenomenal

The Forty Year Old Version is streaming on Netflix and I would definitely recommend you sitting through the film because it has so much to offer! Radha Blank’s semi-autobiographical film, directed by her, shares with you and brings you to relate heavily with each part of the narrative.

She is an artist and she is here to take her last shot at success after she is through half of her life. Radha is currently a playwright and her only way to salvage her talent is to become a rapper at forty years of age. This is her chance at redeeming herself as a singer which is what she was born to do. This movie depicts the struggles that she experienced as a creator. 

The Forty Year Old Version
Netflix's The Forty Year Old Version Review: Satirical and Phenomenal 3

Radha Blank has not been exactly happy with her career as a playwright and in her semi-autobiographical debut, she wants to be unapologetic about what she intends to do and basking in ample self-doubt, she has set out to be a rapper. Radha’s newfound momentum and realisation have pushed her to rhyme and rap her way to absolute glory!

Her creation is honest, satirical and poignantly tries to win your heart through her transition and the most important aspect of her struggle is shown to be the colour of her skin. Netflix is doing their bit in bringing forth underrepresented communities and stories, trying to break shackles and barriers of racism and sexism. This is a relatable film because you will be reminded of the fact that it is just us holding ourselves down most of the time. 

Representation matters! 

Without divulging details that would give away too much about the story, you should know that this film is bold, witty and turns heads with its narrative. What seems like quite a major aspect definitely talks of the representation. It addresses all the huge blanks that have been underrepresented in the nuances of race and in the lives of people of colour. Radha Blank definitely has filled those gaps, and wonderfully so. 

The Forty Year Old Version
Netflix's The Forty Year Old Version Review: Satirical and Phenomenal 4

What will definitely connect with you has to be the humour she will engage you in throughout the film, the important and memorable bits stay with you even after the film is over. I can vouch for something – The Forty Year Old Version has its way of growing on you. It teaches you one very important thing that success is relative and there is only a level of compromise that is acceptable while you are going up the path you choose. 

The Forty Year Old Version might not give you the solutions to a problem that you might be looking for but through its humour and astute wisdom, it successfully makes a difference. This is definitely such a wonderful film and I hope to see more of Radha Blank lighting up our screens because this woman is paving a legacy. 

Overall verdict! 

Stream it. As you absolutely must, this is an important film and a great one at that. The Forty Year Old Version is an extremely rare, authentic and heartfelt commentary on an artist who is just about to unfold her forty-year-old version. The cinematography also must be highlighted. It has captured the truest essence of the film – the most real essence of Radha Blank. The cinematography gives you that inexplicable feeling of satisfaction and pleasurable contemplation that solely is derived from watching something real and rare.

The Forty Year Old Version will remain with you as a cinema that you will turn to at both the darkest and the brightest times of your lives.

P.S – Radha Blank is an absolute queen who knows how to own the screen. I hope we keep her around.

The Forty Year Old Version is streaming on Netflix.

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'The Forty Year Old Version' is powerful. strong and dripping with humour. Radha Blank's debut is here and it has a wonderful story to share about an artist!

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