The Five Juanas Season 2: Is Netflix Giving Us Another Season?

The Five Juanas is a telenovela streaming now on Netflix that walks us through the lives of five women named Juana who also share the same fish-shaped birthmark and how they delve deeper into the past to find that one connecting point in each others’ lives which turns out to be a powerful politician. This Mexican thriller is the adaptation of the Mexican drama by Bernando Romero Pereiro’s Colombian telenovela Las Juanas de 1997 and Hijas de la luna.

– This article on Netflix’s The Five Juanas contains spoilers –

Why The Five Juanas Season 2 needs to happen?

The 18-episode long Netflix series seems to have had everything under wraps as it approached the end. However, was that ending really satisfying?

We did see the end of Simon and his evil father but, the 18th episode also guided us towards another unsolved case- the sixth Juana. By the end of the show, we see all five Juanas enjoying a beautiful meal with their loved ones as they clink glasses of champagne in the air. However, the scene cuts to another segment where we get an obscure view of a woman lying on her floor solving a puzzle. When the camera zooms out we catch the fish-shaped birthmark on her hip and a female voice calling her “Juana”.

So, who is this sixth Juana in this scene? As far as we know, the number of affairs Simon’s had are countless and hiding them all will never be possible. But, isn’t the presence of the sixth Juana in the show, separate from the other five a hint that there must be a darker and deeper side to the story.

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Apart from that, we are yet to see how Federico and Valentina are going to start anew, now that they know they are related. Moreover, what lies in Manny’s life? Is she finally safe? Can she ever put her career as a stripped behind her and have a new life? Caridad, Bautista and Matilde are all in a good phase in their lives, but what does destiny actually have in store for the Juanas?

With an ending that is left to us for interpretation, it will be rather disappointing if Netflix does not renew the show for season 2.

When can we hear about The Five Juanas Season 2?

The potential time for Netflix to contemplate renewing a series is at least bout 3 weeks. Even with its most popular Squid Game, there is no official word from Netflix about its renewal yet. So, it is hard to say what the streaming might decide on and when.

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Plus, the way Netflix renews shows is still vague to the audience. A huge factor is definitely the number of views and buzz the show gets. However, the platform is well known to cancel popular fan-favourite shows like Mindhunter and Daredevil too, so you can never be sure about the decision that will be served.

Who will star in The Five Juanas Season 2?

We are hoping all the five Juanas to make a return if there is a season 2. This means Juanita Arias, Sofia Engberg, Oka Giner, Renata Notni, Zuria Vega can all reprise in their respective roles. However, as the identity of the sixth Juanas is not revealed yet, we cannot yet confirm the actress who might play the role. Like, the previous seasons, the episodes can range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the arc it is covering.

Meanwhile, you can stream The Five Juanas now on Netflix and to read the review for the same, click here.

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