The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit is a True Star in the Intriguing Netflix Show!

The Fame Game on Netflix is directed by Sri Rao, Karishma Kohli and Bejoy Nambiar. The story is written by Shreya Bhattacharya, Akshat Ghildial, Amita Vyas, Nisha Mehta and Sri. The show stars Madhuri Dixit as Anamika Anand, Sanjay Kapoor as Nikhil More, Manav Kaul as Manish Khanna. The rest of the cast includes Muskkaan Jaferi, Lashvir Saran, Suhasini Mulay, Rajshri Deshpande, and others. The series has 8 episodes of 40-45 minutes.

The synopsis reads, “When India’s most famous actress goes missing, the search for her chips away at the flawless facade of her life and family, revealing painful truths.”

Netflix’s The Fame Game Review is Based on 6 Episodes and Contains No Spoilers

Anamika Anand is a Bollywood superstar ruling hearts and big screenings for 3-4 decades. She’s a dream girl and an inspiration for many around her. Anamika is loved by millions who believe she has a perfect life. One night Anamika goes missing from her lavish house. Her family, friends and fans are shocked. Various theories and speculations on her disappearance are made. Is she kidnapped? Did she run away? Is she dead? The questions are many, but none have any answers.

The first two episodes of The Fame Game on Netflix has a lot to tell. You feel bombarded with a lot of information about Anamika, her family, her work in just 70 minutes approx. The numerous subplots in such less time leave us baffled. We get very little time to understand Anamika. Thankfully, from episode 3, the writers have balanced out how much they want to show. The pace is fine; you get closer to knowing Anamika, her family, her work and everyone around her.

Even though the police investigation to find Anamika seems to go nowhere, the plot unravels many secrets. We learn that behind the fame, money and stardom, Anamika is nothing but an unhappy and lonely soul. The problems in her life are like every other person. Anamika is one of India’s biggest superstars. Yet, she doesn’t have solutions to her problems. She’s trapped and can’t see a way to escape from sorrow and pain.

The Fame Game Still 1

With Anamika Anand’s disappearance, the show touches upon many stressing issues in the film industry. The budget issues, competing actresses, how old male actors romance women their daughters’ age, sexism, looking down upon the film industry, how star kids have to be calculative about their decisions because of the superstar parent and much more. The media doesn’t leave a chance to overdramatise Anamika’s disappearance. We have seen the wildness of TV news channels in the last 2 years. So the portrayal of the media’s madness makes sense.

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What I liked is none of these seems forced into the story. Every issue that’s real is highlighted organically. The Fame Game has enough tension and suspense in the story to keep you clicking on the next episode.

Madhuri Dixit is a wonderful actor, and this role is best suited only for her. She’s a natural superstar with an infectious charisma that makes us admire her in every frame. We get a glimpse of her wonderful dance in several episodes. Her dance reminds us why there’s never been someone so magnificent like her! Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul play key roles in Anamika’s life. Both the actors have played their parts well. The rest of the actors are also good. The casting is quite apt for a show with so much to tell.

The Fame Game Still 2

The Fame Game Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, The Fame Game is worth your time. It is intriguing, packed with mystery, lots of Bollywood drama. From Om Shanti Om to Fan to Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, in some parts, the show reminded me of these classic Shah Rukh Khan films. The show tells us the cost of fame celebrities have to pay. One can have all the money, millions of people loving them and a lavish house. But it doesn’t promise satisfaction or happiness. The first two episodes could’ve been a big light on subplots and characters as they’re crucial to understanding what’s happening further. The 6 episodes I saw are binge-able.

The show is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit's Netflix show has enough mystery to keep you hooked to know the truth.


  1. Absolutely time waste , just watched as not other hindi series on Netflix, madhuri dixit asusual overacting ki dukan ,just don’t watch and waste ur time.

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The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit's Netflix show has enough mystery to keep you hooked to know the truth.The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit is a True Star in the Intriguing Netflix Show!