The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Fans, Enjoy This Full Video Of Zemo Dancing In Style!

If you are a Marvel fan, you know they will do anything to make their fandom happy. Sometimes, they give the fans exactly what they want. At times, they go completely against fans’ wish and bestow upon them something better. The Falcon and Winter Soldier fans were recently trending #ReleaseTheZemoCut after the third episode. They took to their social media page and kept tweeting/sharing memes demanding the studio for the full cut.

If you aren’t aware of what happened, we will tell you. Actor Daniel Brühl, who plays Baron Zemo, returned to the MCU in episode 3 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In the episode, amid a serious mission, Zemo starts dancing in the club. Fans loved the scene a lot and started praising the actor, the show’s creators, and made memes and jokes out of it.

Later, in one of the interviews, Daniel Brühl revealed that he had completely improvised the scene. In fact, Daniel thought the makers would cut it out from the show. But to his surprise, it was added in the episode. The Captain America: Civil War actor also revealed that the scene is longer, and the makers have added only a few seconds of it. He is happy with all the great reactions coming from all the fans.

As soon as Daniel made this revelation, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier fans started demanding the full version of Zemo’s dance. That’s why they started trending #ReleaseTheZemoCut. If you thought Marvel would take months to share it, you are mistaken. In just a span of 2 days after the trend started, they shared the full version of Baron Zemo’s dance.

What’s hilarious is they have made it a one hour video in which Zemo is enjoying himself and showing off his moves despite being surrounded by criminals around Madripoor. This video will definitely make your day. It also invites more memes and jokes on the internet. They have titled the YouTube video, ‘ONE HOUR DANCING ZEMO | Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney+”.

Watch Zemo’s full dance that didn’t make it to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s episode –

Well, that’s some funny content we didn’t know we needed!

Meanwhile, today, the fourth episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be out on Disney+. In the previous episode, along with Baron Zemo, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) also made an entry. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are already leaving fans impressed with their performance and action sequences. Marvel has left their fans fuming by making John Walker (Wyatt Russel) the new Captain America. At the end of episode 3, Ayo from Wakanda meets Bucky to get hold of Zemo as he killed King T’Chaka in Civil War.

A lot of drama happened in the third episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, so today’s episode will be crucial in taking the story ahead. Also, many fans assume that Sharon is the Power Broker, who is responsible for making more super soldiers. Only with time, we will get all our answers.

What do you think of Zemo’s dance video? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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