The Cleaning Lady Episode 3 Predictions: Will Thony Crack a Deal With the FBI?

The Cleaning Lady Episode 3 could be a dicey place for Thony to be at. The Fox channel crime drama thriller series is developed by Miranda Kwok. Based on the 2017 Argentinian television series La Chica Que Limpia by Lucas Combina and, the show stars Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa as Thony, the protagonist who is an illegal living in Las Vegas and accidentally gets caught up in becoming the cleaning lady for a local cartel. The other main supporting cast includes Adan Canto, Oliver Hudson, Martha Millan, Sebastien and Valentino LaSalle. The series is going through weekly episodic releases.

What will happen in The Cleaning Lady Episode 3?

The Cleaning Lady Episode 2 gave us a cute moment between Thony and Arman after he helped her get Luca treated and, dare, we say it could go on to be something romantic in the future. Well, looks like Arman’s wife, Nadia (played by Eva De Dominici) would agree! The Cleaning Lady Episode 3 promo clearly shows Nadia’s doubts on why Arman is keen on keeping Thony in the syndicate.

On the other hand, things are still grim for Thony. Even though Luca recovered in the last episode, looks like he won’t be receiving his treatment for another two weeks in the next one, as revealed in the promo. Followed by the anxiety of her son’s treatment, we see Arman make Thony clean up something our cleaning lady is not comfortable doing, prompting her to say how she never signed up for it. What this “it” is, we will get to know in the upcoming episode.

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However, all hope is not lost for Thony. In the last episode, we saw the entry of Oliver Hudson’s Garrett Miller, an FBI agent looking for links to the fateful murder night that landed Thony in the cartel. Even though, our protagonist was not pleased with how the agent established contact with her and her sister-in-law, looks like she will be going back to them.

According to The Cleaning Lady Episode 3 promo, we see Thony crack a deal with Garrett, which in turn is making a deal with the FBI to trade information of the syndicate to the Bureau, in exchange for protection. A similar deal she cracked with Arman sometime back. Will Thony be successful in exacting information without being caught? Or, is there going to be someone she did not expect behind her back? Well, we will see soon.

Check out The Cleaning Lady Episode 3 promo below:

You can catch the episodes for The Cleaning Lady streaming live every Tuesday on Fox at 10:30 IST or catch the episodes later on Hulu.

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