The Changing Lifestyle of Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Entrance exams, assignments, homework, and the stress of being a student seem so welcoming, now that the lockdown has kept most students at home for months on end. There has been a huge change in the lifestyle of students and the daily routine that they follow. It has gone from a well-planned yet flexible environment to a situation where students don’t know what to do with their erratic routine.

Let’s have a closer look at the problems students are facing and how it has been completely changing their lifestyles.

Extended leave/ Free time

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The first thing that took place when the Coronavirus became serious was that students were sent home for an extended period of time as their schools and colleges planned the next step. This led to them having a lot of free time on their hands and not knowing what to do with it. There was a complete change in the routine from one that is controlled and known, to a completely unplanned and erratic schedule.

Lack of Sleep

A lot of students spent most of their newfound freedom playing video games or watching television late into the night. This was another drastic change to their routine. With the sleep cycle completely changed, now when they do eventually go back for in-person classes, it may be hard to make the adjustment. This change in the sleep routine also has had a huge impact on the student’s mental state of mind.

Online classes

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Schools and colleges decided to have online classes so that students could have classes, do assignments and write their exams. Most students had not done online classes before and it took time for them to get used to it. In addition to this, since they were still at home, many of them had difficulty adjusting to the timings of online classes and got easily distracted as well. The online classes changed their routine completely and left them confused but it helped them get the interaction that they needed, both with their peers and faculty as well.

A study conducted at a university in the United States showed that although students were happy with the freedom that they received through online classes, more than 70% of students felt that they were not learning as much via online classes at the time this survey was conducted. Furthermore, they missed the interaction that came with in-person classes.

Constant change in attitude

In a lot of cases, students are experiencing a constant change in attitude towards having to be at home during the lockdown and not being able to attend classes. For example, a student would desperately want to go back to class one day and the next day, they would be completely happy staying at home. This has a lot to do with how there is so much happening such as online exams, online classes, online assignments, or preparing for entrance exams but at the same time, it seems as if life is standing still.

This has made it very difficult for a lot of pupils to accept the reality of their situation. They don’t know what they want and are uncertain because there is no indicator of what might happen next. A study conducted showed that 77.8% of students felt that their mental health had suffered to some degree as a result of the uncertainty that came with the pandemic.

Going back to classes

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Some schools and colleges have decided to bring students back for physical classes and a lot of students are having and will continue to have difficulty adjusting to this change. The masks, social distancing in class and constant sanitizing of hands will take them time to get used to as well. In addition to this, there is a constant fear that they may contract the Coronavirus while attending classes.

These are just a few of the many lifestyle changes and problems that students are facing during the lockdown and as students continue to attend classes, both online and physical, there will be a host of new problems that arise. But as Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change,” students will have to do just that in order to get through these difficult times.

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