Netflix’s The Cabin with Bert Kreischer Review: Lackadaisical but Therapeutic

I mean who doesn’t want to watch the beautiful Malibu mountains or chill in a cabin in the woods during such horrible times, am I right? This is what this new TV series is about – The Cabin with Bert Kreischer is about spending time by the Malibu mountains and having a blast while doing so.

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer
Netflix's The Cabin with Bert Kreischer Review: Lackadaisical but Therapeutic 4

For the uninformed, Bert Kreischer is a comedian. His laugh is funny and infectious and that is all that he needs to do to make anybody around him giggle. If you think that The Cabin with Bert Kreischer will give you a whole liberating, therapeutic getaway to the mountain vibes, you are necessarily mistaken. The Cabin with Bert Kreischer has advertised itself like that, however, it is just quite the opposite. There is no yoga or a detox green smoothie – there are roaring laughter and alcohol of all kinds to substitute that. 

So what is the deal with Bert Kreischer? What is the deal with his cabin? The Cabin with Bert Kreischer has masked itself as a spiritual or yogic retreat to the mountains but it isn’t that. Bert Kreischer just wants to goof around with his friends and for that, he has invited over some celebrity guests and all they do is frolic around the whole day.

Netflix's The Cabin with Bert Kreischer Review: Lackadaisical but Therapeutic 5

To be honest, I have been jealous so many times, I wish I had a friend like Bert. The Cabin with Bert Kreischer contains five episodes and those five episodes are just about monkeying around in the mountains. It is quite a light watch and given the current circumstances, it feels sanative to just watch somebody take a vacation to the mountains. 

Bert Kriescher is all of us! 

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer was shot in the month of January and during the pre-pandemic situation so you get to witness all the pre-pandemic glory! His guest list includes Anthony Anderson, Big Jay Oakerson, Bobby Lee, Deon Cole, Donnell Rawlings, Fortune Feimster, Gabriel Iglesias, Joel McHale, Joey Diaz, Kaley Cuoco, Nikki Glaser and Tom Segura.

The shots are perfect, there are enough shots that show the absolutely beautiful Malibu mountains and all that accompanying scenic beauty too. The series has progressed with the help of montages which introduces, and is basically sort of an induction into, the life of Bert Kreischer. A few moments into the series you know who he is – a fun-loving party animal. 

For me personally, I have related to the series on a whole new level. The parties, the after-party contemplation and then repeat – it is all so real in the series. The Cabin with Bert Kreischer is filled with humour and lots of merrymaking which makes for a successful light entertainment.

the cabin with bert kreischer
Netflix's The Cabin with Bert Kreischer Review: Lackadaisical but Therapeutic 6

There are some very heart-to-heart moments which definitely makes you relate to it because somewhere we all are so similar. The particular scene where it was mentioned after Bert had a talk with his wife about his lifestyle hit me the hardest because aren’t we all there, more or less? 

Have a heart-to-heart discussion with LeeAnn (his wife). Try to tell her I’m fine, but deep down I know that my lifestyle’s catching up with me, and if I keep going like this, I’m gonna have a heart attack. I’ll take some time away, go to the wilderness, I’ll eat, I’ll pray, I’ll love, I’ll journal, meditate, hydrate, contemplate, isolate. I’ll get better. I promise.” 

There are some recuperative activities too, such as crystal therapy, that is supposed to take care of you by spiritually healing you but all that it is just another excuse to unapologetically goof around! The interactions between friends are also pretty organic and light-hearted which makes The Cabin with Bert Kreischer a good and enjoyable watch. I cannot guarantee how much healing you’ll be seeing but you’ll surely meet a man who is happy living his life his way and that is exactly how it should be.

Watch The Cabin with Bert Kreischer here.

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