The Babysitters Club Season 2 Review: Girls Just Wanna Work and Have Fun!

The Babysitters Club Season 2 is now out on Netflix. Based on Ann M Martin’s novel of the same name, Rachel Shukert is the show’s creator. The 8-episode series stars Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Shay Rudolph, Malia Baker, Xochitl Gomez, Sophia Re0d Gantzert, Alicia Silverstone, Takayo Fischer, Mark Feuerstein, and Anais Lee.

The synopsis reads – After moving in with Watson, Kristy navigates a not-so-warm neighbourly welcome. There are also new friendships, new challenges, and of course, new business!

The Babysitters Club Season 2 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers

The Babysitters Club Season 2 begins with Kristy’s monologue (played by Sophie Grace) about the big change in her life. Her mom Elizabeth (Alicia Silverstone) and Watson Brewer (Mark Feuerstein), are now married. They all are a family as Kristy, and her siblings have to live with Watson’s kids.

Kristy believes the only good thing in her life is her babysitters’ club. With the new season and new summer fun, two new girls have joined the club. Change is not always easy to adapt. These girls also have to deal with a lot of changes in their club and personal lives. In the eight episodes, the makers highlight almost every character’s story most entertainingly and insightfully.

In the first season, Kristy, Claudia (Momona Tamada), Stacey (Shay Rudolph), Mary Anne (Malia Baker), Dawn (Xochitl Gomez) were just beginners in the babysitting business. However, as they’re growing, the issues and dilemmas they face are comparatively serious. The show has a jovial tone that smoothly takes an emotional shift as and when needed.

What I loved the most about The Babysitters Club Season 2 on Netflix is the strong bond between all the girls. Despite all the arguments, differences in opinion, and misunderstandings, they always have each other’s back. Many such heartwarming moments will make you smile and hug your best friend. The last episode is a tearjerker, so keep the tissue box handy.

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Coming to performances, Sophie Grace gracefully performs Kristy, who has a lot going on yet knows how to run a business. The star of the show for me was Momona Tamada, who played Claudia. Her scenes and situations felt more personal to me. Considering how different every member is, women audience will find themselves relating to at least one of them. The rest of the cast also plays their part quite well.

The Babysitters Club Season 2 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, girls in the Netflix show just want to have fun and do what they love. I had a lot of fun watching them get through everything and still being so optimistic. The eight episodes are enjoyable, has charming and heartening moments. It’s a show based on girls in their early teens, and oh, how much I miss that life! But there’s a lot of virtue which people of every age can take home.

The Baby-sitters Club Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Babysitters Club Season 2 Review: Kristy and her friends have to deal with new challenges in the latest season.

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