Thar Review: Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor Starrer is Bone-Chilling But, is it Enough?

Netflix’s latest release Thar is written and directed by Raj Singh Chaudhary. Produced by Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor, who also star in the film, the rest of the cast consists of Fatima Sana Shaikh, Jitendra Joshi, Akshay Oberoi, Satish Kaushik and Mukti Mohan. Inspired by the Western noir genre, the film has cinematography by Shreya Dev Dube and, music by Ajay Jayanthi. The runtime for the film is 108 minutes.

– Netflix’s Thar Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Thar: Dark, Disturbing and Filled with Gorey Details

Netflix’s Thar dives deep when it comes to being a noir, it is graphic with its violence, edgy with its suspenseful narrative and, bone-chilling with its final revelation. It has elements that make it look like the lovechild of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men.

Thar technically follows two storylines converging into one by the end. We have inspector Surekha Singh (played by Anil Kapoor), who is subject to cases of violent killings in the village. We see the inspector investigating the cases when a strange, introverted traveller makes his entry into the village- Sidhharth (played by Harshvardhan Kapoor). Being an antique dealer, Sidhharth’s purpose in the village is to find literate men who will help him with his work in the city. As these two main characters begin their respective searches, their paths cross making one wonder about the other’s purpose.

With a major subplot surrounding the opium trade and gangsters, Surekha Singh and Siddharth set out on their own missions but, as the story progresses and more characters are introduced, it becomes difficult for our inspector to hold onto the killer and, our stranger grows darker with every passing minute.

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Rightly inspired by the Western noir genre, Thar presents an intriguing screenplay with a conventional climax told in a rather interesting and unconventional way that will keep you guessing till the end. You get to know the characters, in bits and pieces and, still, you don’t know them enough by the end to call the shots on who is good and bad. Mysteriously well fleshed out, Netflix’s latest Hindi-language film does not hold back when it comes to being both suspenseful as well as violent.

The performances by the talented actors are probably one of the highlights of the film. Harshvardhan Kapoor is so intense with less dialogue and, more emotions reflecting in his eyes that it is truly mesmerising to see him do what he does. Certain segments featuring Harshvardhan Kapoor scream to be an ode to Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh and, it is remarkable. On the other hand, Anil Kapoor is the perfect cop striving to do a better job and, taking on exciting leads. The scenes shared between the father and son have a different glaze to them.

But, is a good script and good performances enough? Well, apparently not because it is right in its area of putting everything well into action is where the film falters. There are moments where a shoot-out isn’t necessary, but it is just there. Few deaths just don’t make sense but, we still witness them and, it all comes down to how chaotically the narrative tries to drive us from one boggy to another. Thar gets the style right with the desert and horses with brooding characters and drug trade but, it throws everything all at once making it confusing at times.

Thar: Final Verdict

Overall, the film is the perfect dose of dark and bloody imagery if you are looking for one. It does well with its story but, yes, it could have done better. The cast is stellar, which is one of the reasons this film is a must-watch. So tune in for some western atmosphere and, gritty dacoits all packed in one blood-drenched movie.

You can watch Thar now streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Thar is a blood-drenched suspenseful drama.

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Netflix's Thar is a blood-drenched suspenseful drama.Thar Review: Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor Starrer is Bone-Chilling But, is it Enough?