Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel Lands in Netflix

Actors Jacob Latimore, Elsie Fisher, Sarah Yarkin and Moe Dunford will be seen starring in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel that is directed by David Blue Garcia and has been picked up by streaming giant Netflix.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel Lands in Netflix 2

Netflix has picked up global rights to the latest instalment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre from Legendary Pictures, reports hollywoodreporter.com.

David Blue Garcia directed the horror movie, which was shot last year in Bulgaria, and is produced by filmmaker Fede Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayagues through their Bad Hombre banner, as well as Kim Henkel, Ian Henkel, and Pat Cassidy of Exurbia Films, and Legendary Pictures.

The original Chainsaw, released in 1974 and directed by Tobe Hooper, is considered one of the most influential horror movies of all time.

It introduced the character of Leatherface, a member of a family of cannibals who is a hulking figure with a deformed face, hidden by the skin of his victims. The character has been a constant in the many sequels and prequels.

The new movie takes place years after the shocking events of the original, in a setting where Leatherface hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Chris Thomas Devlin wrote the script of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel.

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