Tarian Lengger Maut: When and Where is the Indonesian Film Releasing?

Netflix is all set to come out with an Indonesian horror film that is sure to instil a sense of horror in fans while also giving us an idea of the traditional art forms of Indonesia as well as their culture. Detak, or Tarian Lengger Maut, is a supernatural horror film directed by Yongki Ongestu that balances the thin line between supernatural horror and thriller and gives us a healthy dose of both.

Tarian Lengger Maut 1

While we dapple with the idea of who could be making the inhabitants of PagerAlas disappear, we also see the story of Dr. Jati, a young doctor new to the village and his mysterious connection with Lengger dancer Sukma. As she tries to go through a ritual to attain Indang, Jati gets sucked into something much more sinister than his own terrible secret.

Tarian Lengger Maut’s trailer promises a horrifying mash between supernatural horror, a dash of murder madness and a great deal of Indonesian culture into a bucket of horrible disappearances. What awaits Jati and Sukma’s fates?

Who Directed Tarian Lengger Maut?

Tarian Lengger Maut is directed by Yongki Ongestu, the director of the short film End of Black Era: the Incident and Hari ke-11. This is his first feature film.

Tarian Lengger Maut Cast

The cast of the movie includes Refal Hady and Della Dartyan as Jati and Sukma respectively.

Tarian Lengger Maut Release Date and Time

Tarian Lengger Maut or Detak will release on Netflix in select countries at 12 AM IST. The movie is also available to stream on MUBI in select regions.

Tarian Lengger Maut Trailer

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