Takt Op Destiny Review: The Face Of Polished Mediocrity

If profound disappointment were an anime, it wouldn’t look very different from Takt Op Destiny. What could have been an inspiration to anime studios on handling mobile game properties turned into a run of the mill cash grab by the end. What went wrong? Let’s find out in this review!

Takt Op Destiny Overview

Takt Op Destiny Review

Takt Op Destiny was a collaboration project by two of the biggest studios currently operating in the anime industry, Madhouse and MAPPA. Studio Madhouse is known for creating several classics such as HunterxHunter, Death Note, and the recent Sonny Boy. Meanwhile, Studio MAPPA holds the entire industry’s attention in the palm of its hands with behemoths such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan under its development wing.

Takt Op Destiny is a multi-media project between Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA, which comprises a mobile game and this anime series we are talking about. Yuuki Itou directs the series, and Kiyoko Yoshimura serves as the primary writer of the show’s script. You can go back and read our review of the last episode of the series right here! The series is also stylized as Takt Op. Destiny. We covered this show extensively on our website, which is very useful for rewatches! Click here to see all of them.

– Takt Op Destiny Review does not contain spoilers –

Takt Op Destiny Review- Art and Music

Starting this one out as positively as possible, let’s first talk about the show’s best aspect- the animation. As is to be expected from the animation giants that are MAPPA and Madhouse, Takt Op. Destiny looks crisp and fantastic. The colours look great, seen in contrast to the usually desolate and sandy world that it has created. The visual worldbuilding and overall universe of the show, including the D2s and Musicarts, all have a fantastic look.

The series tries to portray itself as taking place in America and succeeds somewhat. It portrays the empty midlands and deserts of states like Nevada well, but the boisterous New York could use a little more polish. Takt Op Destiny is a very action-heavy show, and most action scenes look and feel great. There is a certain smoothness to them that is a great quality to have, and it works well to showcase what is supposed to be the mobile game’s bread and butter.

However, the show is built around music, and the story is constructed with the sound as the centrepiece of it all. Perhaps because of that or something else, the show’s music is extremely underwhelming. It tries to use the classical music that we all know and love, your Bachs and Beethovens, but it uses them too sparingly and not in situations that fit them well. The opening and ending themes are fine but just as underwhelming as the rest of the music here. Somehow, even if this isn’t the case, the show comes across as nobody really tried to make it sound good.

Takt Op Destiny Review- The Characters

Anna Destiny takt

From an aspect that was mostly good to a feature that was both and bad, there are a lot of characters in this show. Some of them are good, and the character dynamics work well between them, but others are absolutely atrocious and a huge part of what makes the show’s plot so infantile and mediocre. Mostly, it’s just the one thing that lets the show down- its lack of an even acceptable antagonist. All the bad guys suck here, and the show is very smug about it too.

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The main trio of Takt, Destiny, and Anna are good together and have very distinctive personalities. Their backstories from Episode Two of the series worked well in establishing them and their motives. Takt is an understandable ill-behaved child born of misfortune and misery, and his coming on his own with the help of Cossette/Destiny and Anna is good to witness. He has some great moments across the show and works well as the show’s primary protagonist.

Heaven Hell

Destiny, or Cossette as she is sometimes called, has two different character arcs that don’t work entirely too well with each other but are otherwise fine. I would have preferred Cossette to be the one travelling with Takt and Anna instead of Destiny, who comes across as rather flat and one-note. Her progress isn’t very well portrayed in the show and seems unnaturally fast at times. On the other hand, Anna is criminally underdeveloped and underutilized, given her position on the show and where she ends up. At least the trio is designed very well, which is another positive for the animation department.

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Here is where the positives for the show ground to a halt, as we need to talk about the villains of Takt Op Destiny. The show has a collection of the most useless and underwhelming bad guys that you’ll ever see in any show. Sagan, Schindler, Hell and Heaven have zero motivations for ever being bad other than the played out “I wanted to save the world boohoo”. They are weak characters with weak personalities and weaker endings that weaken the entire structure of the show on the strength of just their underwritten and boring characters. They aren’t even fun to watch getting beat down and are the worst part of the show.

Takt Op Destiny Review- The Plot

Takt Op Destiny Episode 6

The plot of Takt Op Destiny is rudimentary and inconsistent at best and straight-up nonsense at worst. While it does manage to set up a half-decent world full of at least a little potential, the world is never utilized well. The show starts with the basic premise of a road trip to New York while eradicating D2s and ends with a tremendously convoluted final battle that everyone could see coming yet nobody wanted. The show gives up on itself in the middle of the story. What’s stopping the viewer from giving up on it too?

The show’s road trip format worked well as it mixed some backstories that made one connect to the characters more as they went on with their lives. The show then abandoned that format halfway through the series as it introduced one of the worst written villains of the entire year, and it was all downhill from there. Predictable plot twists, unconvincing motivations, and an ending that didn’t solve anything followed, and we were left with a show that could have been so much more if it hadn’t given up in the middle.


Takt Op Destiny had the potential to be much more than it turned out to be- a mediocre and soulless show that cared more about the destination than the journey.

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Takt Op Destiny had the potential to be much more than it turned out to be- a mediocre and soulless show that cared more about the destination than the journey.

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Takt Op Destiny Review: The Face Of Polished MediocrityTakt Op Destiny had the potential to be much more than it turned out to be- a mediocre and soulless show that cared more about the destination than the journey.