Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Review: It’s Always The Ones You Most Suspect

Takt and Cossette are climbing the learning tree under the guidance of Lenny and Titan, as Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 glides into another confrontation with the D2s. This time, the real enemy might not be them. Let’s find out what happened in this review!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Overview

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Title

Takt Op Destiny is a collaboration project by two of the biggest studios currently operating in the anime industry, Madhouse and MAPPA. Studio Madhouse is known for creating several classics such as HunterxHunter, Death Note, and the recent Sonny Boy. Meanwhile, Studio MAPPA holds the entire industry’s attention in the palm of its hands with behemoths such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan under its development wing.

Takt Op Destiny is a multi-media project between Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA, which comprises a mobile game and this anime series we are talking about. Yuuki Itou directs the series, and Kiyoko Yoshimura serves as the primary writer of the show’s script. You can go back and read our review of the third episode of the series right here!

– Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Review does not contain spoilers –

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Review- The Plot

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Las Vegas

I’ll preface this section by saying that I like the series so far, and I love the concept and the execution of said concept as it has been done. However, I believe that the show lacks a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi right now. It seemingly has everything a show like this could ask for. The plot, the setting, the characters, and the concept are all very well defined and intriguing, to say the least. However, the show hasn’t quite gone past the third gear yet.

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I might be jumping the gun here, as the show has barely even gotten started yet, but considering we don’t know how long the show is going to last right now, it might end in less than two months from today. The best time to get started with the meat of the story was one week ago, and the second-best time is now. However, I do not begrudge the show a learning moment for its main characters, which is what we got in Takt Op Destiny Episode 4.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Battle

While the plot was fairly basic and predictable, the newest episode of Takt Op Destiny was still a fun watch. The episode was punctuated with some nice action set pieces, which always seem to flow very well regardless of the content of an episode. I believe that this episode should mark the end of the training wheels segment of the show, and we should get some new and exciting episodes coming up soon. Here’s hoping!

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Review- The Characters

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Takt Lenny

We’ve all seen that character in a piece of media. You know the type I’m talking about. The one who is first shown to be a decent guy, but you know in your heart will be a villain? The kind who seems smarmy despite not being intended as such at first, then gets revealed to be actually smarmy, and all your inhibitions are affirmed instantly? Yeah, you get my gist. There was a big case of this in Takt Op Destiny Episode 4, and I feel great for having seen that coming.

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I liked Lenny and Titan in the previous episode, and I loved them in this one. They have the look of knowing more than they tell on their faces, and I am interested to see where this leads. Takt, Cossette, and Anna were just as fine as they always are, although I want to see more backstory on Anna. I feel like she has suffered just as much as Takt, if not more, in this situation. The show hasn’t really given any her the chance to say anything about what has happened, and I believe she will have some interesting stuff to talk about.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Review- Art and Music

If you’ve been a reader of my The Aquatope on White Sand Review series, you already know that I’m a huge sucker for nights. I believe that anyone can animate daytime, and most shows look generic and played out when there is light. The night is when the animators are truly let loose upon the canvas, and they have the freedom to create the most beautiful of skies and the most gorgeous of landscapes.

Mappa and Madhouse do justice to the clear night skies of the Mojave desert as our characters take a trip to Sin City, Las Vegas. Everything looked gorgeous and colourful, even at nighttime, making the show look prettier than it ever has. That is no mean feat, considering the show has been beautifully animated from the start. Still not feeling the opening song, though, way too off-tone and weird for me.


Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 didn’t take a step wrong in its fourth outing, although the show feels like it has started to stagnate a tiny bit. I believe a new arc is in order to freshen things up.

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Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 didn't take a step wrong in its fourth outing, although the show feels like it has started to stagnate a tiny bit.

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Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Review: It's Always The Ones You Most SuspectTakt Op Destiny Episode 4 didn't take a step wrong in its fourth outing, although the show feels like it has started to stagnate a tiny bit.