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1000 Miles From Christmas (2021) Review: Tamar Novas is the Grinch This Christmas

1000 Miles From Christmas has its moments, specifically towards the end that will make you smile in spite of its issues.

Long Shot to Wonder, Lionsgate Play Films to Enjoy This Festive Season

Enjoy this festive season alone or with your loved ones by watching the list of some chill movies on the Lionsgate Play app.

A California Christmas City Lights (2021) Review: A Captivating and Dreamy Sequel

A California Christmas City Lights is a beautiful film full of moments that make you laugh and cry.

A Naija Christmas (2021) Review: A Feel-Good Comedy of Errors

A Naija Christmas is a feel-good comedy of errors that is the perfect watch for the holiday season.

Netflix’s A Castle For Christmas Review: Brooke Shields’ Splendid Escape to Scotland

A Castle For Christmas Review: Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes' holiday-themed Christmas movie is a delightful escape.

Netflix’s A Boy Called Christmas Movie Review is An Irresistible Christmas Classic

The film feels like many great stories rolling into one big tale, and director Gil Kenan has dazzling visuals and colourful characters.

Netflix’s The Princess Switch 3 Review: Deadly Trio

The Princess Switch 3 is the perfect, brainless Christmas flick to drown out your lonely holiday blues... somewhat.

Home Sweet Home Alone Review: Looks Like an Unfunny Parody

Home Sweet Home Alone Review: Another remake of the classic Home Alone that deserves to be skipped.

Father Christmas is Back Review: Ridiculous Humour for an Amusing Holiday Movie

Father Christmas is Back is a fun film. Although it's nothing new or shocking, it still manages to bring in the holiday cheer.

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