Suriya About Jai Bhim, “It’s About Political Injustice and Dalits Being a Soft Target”

Suriya Siva Kumar stars as an advocate in the upcoming courtroom drama ‘Jai Bhim’ which will have an OTT release on Prime Video on November 2. The Tha. Se. Gnanavel directorial has Prakash Raj, Lijo Mol Jose, Rajisha, Manikandan, Rao Ramesh, and others in important roles. Written and directed by Tha. Se. Gnanavel, ‘Jai Bhim’ is produced by Suriya and Jyotika under their production banner, 2D Entertainment. Actor Suriya had interacted with IANS, sharing his experience about working for ‘Jai Bhim’.

On being quizzed about what made him choose this subject, Suriya conveyed that this tale needs to be heard. “In the world, we live, a few kilometers away from our own houses, these people who belong to so-called low castes suffer so much. The injustice they face in their daily lives needs to be portrayed. When I came across the story of advocate Chandru, it inspired a voice inside me. He has fought for the people, trying to give justice to the subaltern,” Suriya said.

Suriya from Jai Bhim trailer
Image Credit: A still of Suriya from Jai Bhim trailer.

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Suriya also mentioned that he felt privileged to be a part of such a great movie, which portrays reality. “Tamil movies are all about the portrayal of reality and the lives of people around us. I find myself lucky to take this project,” the ‘Ghajini’ actor replied, on being quizzed about the realistic approach in Tamil movies.

Suriya explained, “This movie is all about the political injustice and Dalits being a soft target for the police. A journey of a lawyer, who is determined to bring justice to a lower caste woman, who is deprived of her basic rights. He used the law as his weapon”. “These incidents happen every day in all parts of India. So, a hero like an advocate Chandru, and his tale need to be amplified, so as to make everyone realize the power of law,” Suriya said.

On being quizzed about the OTT release of his movies, Suriya answered, “This is an era of a digital revolution. Though we all miss the theatrical releases, ‘Jai Bhim’ has got such a big release in India and across 240 countries and territories. So, considering the reach, I think it is not at all a small thing”. Advocate Chandru fights for righteousness and struggles to achieve equality. Suriya’s role as Chandru strives for equal treatment and justice for the oppressed. Jai Bhim is all set to release on 2nd November on Amazon Prime Video.

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