Sugarcane Juice: 6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try It

Energy booster 

Sugarcane juice is one the best natural sources of instant energy as it contains sucrose, the primary need for energy. Sucrose is easily absorbed by your body which helps regain the lost sugar levels in the body after a hectic day. Alongside sucrose, the juice also supplies you with carbs, proteins, and essential minerals. Have it in the morning to kick-start your day with a fresh dose of energy. Sugarcane juice is extremely hydrating for your body and it shakes off any fatigue induced due to hot weather. It leaves you super refreshed and lifts your spirits in no time.

Sugarcane juice
Sugarcane Juice: 6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try It 7

Diuretic in nature 

The amazing diuretic property of sugarcane makes it an essential ingredient for fighting infections. It helps eliminate toxins from your body and prevents urinary tract infections. It also ensures the proper functioning of the kidneys, keeping the development of kidney stones at bay. Just mix some coconut water and lemon in the juice and gulp it down. Have this natural drink twice a day to get relief from potential heat and kidney related issues.

Sugarcane juice
Sugarcane Juice: 6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try It 8

Improve digestion 

If you have been dealing with digestive issues, drinking sugarcane juice might help maintain a healthier and stress-free gut by facilitating the secretion of digestive juices. For any kind of digestive distress, the juice works as a digestive tonic, balancing the pH levels in the stomach. It has alkaline properties and a good amount of fiber, making it appropriate for treating stomach burns or acidity and reducing constipation. Also, the presence of potassium tends to avoid stomach infection and helps clear your digestive tract.

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Sugarcane Juice: 6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try It 9


If you are seeking a remedy to fight anti-ageing, lift your glass of sugarcane juice and drink up! You can delay the signs of ageing and avoid untimely wrinkles and fine lines by imbibing the goodness of sugarcane juice. The antioxidants and flavonoids present in it moisturize the skin and make it radiant from within. It has also proven to be effective in reducing acne, blemishes, and exfoliates your skin, diminishing the aggregation of dead cells. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), like glycolic acid, provide magnificent benefits to the skin, like increasing cell turnover.


Make bones and teeth stronger

Sugarcane juice is a rich source of calcium which helps prevent tooth decay and keep your bones strong for long. It contains a host of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, that help build your skeletal strength, including bones and teeth enamel. Sugarcane juice also helps in dealing with bad breath, a major cause for social embarrassment. Drinking a glass of sugarcane juice can even reduce the risk of osteoporosis in adults. Next time, whenever you crave an invigorating hit during hot summers, grab a glass of chilled sugar cane juice and enjoy its many advantages.

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Immunity booster 

Sugarcane juice is full of essential antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamin C that help in strengthening our immune system including the functionalities of the liver and digestive system. These potent antioxidants neutralize the secretion of bilirubin levels in the body. Flavonoids repel the growth of cancerous cells, especially prostate and breast cancer, making our important organs stronger. The essential sugars present in the juice help in strengthening our sensory organs, reproductive organs, and fight against a number of digestive and liver problems.

Sugarcane has zero fat content. A glass of this natural drink adds up to about 180 calories, 30 grams of natural sugar, and dietary fibre. You can either have small chunks of sugarcane or drink a glass of sugarcane juice topped with some mint and black rock salt. It satisfies your taste buds and invigorates your mind after a tiring day out in the sun.

little girl drinking Sugarcane juice
Sugarcane Juice: 6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try It 10

Check out the recipes here to make sugarcane juice at home this summer and enjoy its myriad benefits!

Note: Consult a medical professional before taking on any food or diet.

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