These Succession Season 4 Predictions About the Roy Family Will Leave You Surprised!

With the big twist at the end of Succession Season 3, the cliffhanger episode has left fans demanding and wondering about what will unveil in Succession Season 4. After the rollercoaster season 3 and, a sigh of relief that Kendall Roy isn’t dead, it will be a difficult turn for Logan Roy and his children to stand together under the same roof (not that it has been easy so far). Created by Jesse Armstrong, the award-winning series has left a great impact on the audience as it has never held back in showing the brutal truth of a dysfunctional family on screen.

The casting, of course, has been fabulous and we expect all the actors to reprise in their previous roles in the series. We have Brian Cox in the role of Logan Roy, the patriarch of the family and CEO of WayStar Royco along with Jeremy Strong as Kendall, Kieran Culkin as Roman, Sarah Snook as Shiv and Alan Ruck as Connor- the children of Logan Roy. Other prominent roles are played by Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans and Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch. By the end of Succession Season 3, it can be assumed that Alexander Skarsgård’s Lukas Matsson will be playing an important part in the upcoming season.

Well, the good and bad news for Succession fans is that the fourth season has been officially announced and the speculation (though not official) is that it might just be the family drama’s last, respectively. You can check out the announcement below.

Succession Season 4: Some Character Developments That Might Surprise Us

Shiv & Tom

It would be wrong to say Shiv did not have that coming, right? After all the emotional and physical infidelity, no wonder Tom ratted her out. But, what’s next?

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We know that Shiv knows about Tom, but does Tom know that she knows? We think Shiv Roy might just use her knowledge for power yet again and continue in her loveless marriage with Tom. A revenge arc would be a much exciting addition to their toxic marriage. And, given Shiv and Tom had discussed having a child already, it would be a lovely surprise to see Shiv up her game and announce herself pregnant, without actually being pregnant even!

Kendall’s Comeback

Kendall Roy has been a lone wolf from the start. He was rejected and insulted time and back. And, even though Succession Season 3’s promo looked like it was time for the lone wolf to take the front seat, he just ultimately floated away in the pool, face down. His offer of the payout was rejected by Logan and now he is not even a part of WayStar Royco anymore.

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However, this is the first time we see Kendall returning to the pack and the pack subsequently accepting him. Now, that Shiv & Roman, Logan’s most loyal children, have faced betrayal from their father, chances are they will back up their brother once and for all. With all three siblings on one side (and, maybe, Connor will join too, how difficult would it be to convince him, right?), it would be a tough fight.

Logan, WayStar Royco & Lukas Matsson

On a personal note, Alexander Skarsgård’s character can never be trusted- a lesson learned well from HBO’s other series where the actor features titled Big Little Lies. Also, buying out WayStar Royco is a bold move and Logan selling it off was rather shocking given how the old man has held on to it for so long and under really give-up-able circumstances.

Chances are Matsson has played a bigger game than we imagined and he might just cut off Logan Roy from the company or, at least, retire him. But, what will be Logan’s next move is still really unpredictable.

With all this in-store, we cannot imagine how terrible the wait is going to be for Succession Season 4. According to Jeremy Strong, the discussion on the next season might start somewhere in January 2022. Meanwhile, you can binge-watch all the episodes of Succession now on Disney+ Hotstar to tolerate the wait. To read recaps on Succession Season 3 episodes, click here.

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