State of Siege Temple Attack Review: Overly Dramatised, Hardly Factual

State of Siege Temple Attack, a terrorist drama based on actual incidents, is currently streaming on Zee5. Ken Ghosh has helmed the film written by William Borthwick and Simon Fantauzzo. The film stars Akshaye Khanna, Samir Soni, Gautam Rode, Vivek Dahiya and Abhimanyu Singh. The story is based on the Akshardham Terrorist Attack of Gujarat on September 24, 2002.

The YouTube description for the State of Siege: Temple Attack reads, “When terrorists enter a temple in Gujarat, the NSG commandos step in to save the day. Amid the chaos, the heroes fight back with courage. Will they survive?” IMDb describes the plot as – Inspired by true events; the film narrates the heroic tale of NSG commandos, who step in to save innocent people when terrorists attack a temple in Gujarat.

State of Siege Temple Attack Review: In-depth analysis

The story of State of Siege Temple Attack Zee5 is of some NSG commandos saving the civilians who were held hostage in a temple. There’s loss of lives of innocent people, commandos and terrorists are killed too. One of the heroes in the story is Hanut Singh, played by Akshaye Khanna. In those 1 hour 50 minutes, we see how Singh and his men save people and kill the terrorists who caused this nightmare.

State of Siege Temple Attack Review
State of Siege: Temple Attack Review

Usually, when something is said to be based on a true story, we don’t see places and names of crucial characters getting changed. But in the Zee5 film, the makers have called the Akshardham Temple as Krishna Dham Mandir. At that time, PM Narendra Modi was the CM of Gujarat, and in the film, Samir Soni plays the CM, whose name is Manish Choksi. It is tough to take a film seriously that doesn’t stick to facts.

But that’s not the only issue with the State of Siege: Temple Attack film. In those 1 hour 50 minutes, we see the most bloodshed and people screaming for life. It gets messy after 30 minutes. The film marks Akshaye Khanna’s digital debut, but he is a victim of a stereotyped commando who is guilt-driven because of his past mission. There’s also a commando whose wife is pregnant. Oh dear, I’m so done with these cliches. Cops have a messed up family life, and commandos have guilty pasts and pregnant wives!

State of Siege Temple Attack Review: Still 1
State of Siege Temple Attack Review

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The makers should’ve not dramatised the real-life incident that proved a nightmare to many civilians. Despite all of this, you still hope to find some authenticity in the story-telling. The story focuses more on how these terrorists drop dead bodies instead of the NGO commandos and their rescue mission. Talents like Akshaye Khanna and others are wasted in Ghosh’s film because they really could’ve done much better with solid writing. Also, in a country where celebs hardly take a stand against mob lynch or injustice, watching terrorist movies that show good Muslims to maintain ‘peace’ is ironic.

State of Siege: Temple Attack Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, State of Siege: Temple Attack is overly dramatised and hardly factual. You cannot call something based on a true story if you are not ready to mention the actual location. Also, one doesn’t need to dramatise the lives of NGO Commandos for a mass appeal purpose. Wars and terrorists attacks are terrifying already.

State of Siege Temple Attack is currently streaming on Zee5.

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State of Siege: Temple Attack is overly dramatised and hardly factual and, thus, fails to make an impact.


  1. Rubbish review. Tell when people die, it is shown in plain sight. Think if anybody has been your family member, what the situation can be.


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