Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap: Reunion

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 released on Disney+ Hotstar today. The episode is called Reunion and features Dee Bradley Baker as Clone Force 99 and Michelle Ang as Omega. Created by Dave Filoni, Christian Taylor wrote today’s episode directed by Steward Lee. The duration of the episode is 23 minutes.

The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap: Reunion consists of spoilers. In the previous episode, ‘Battle Scars’, Hunter and his team go to Bracca on a Jedi cruiser where Rex helps them get rid of the inhibitor chip. The Scrapper Guild sees them on the cruiser and informs the Empire about the same. In today’s episode, Crosshair tells Prime Minister of Kamino and Admiral Rampart that he knows where Hunter, Echo, Tech, Wrecker and Omega are. Lama Su tells them that it is crucial to get hold of the Clone Force 99 alive, but the two dismiss the suggestion. Crosshair takes a few batches of clone troopers and heads to Bracca to get hold of Hunter and others.

At Bracca, Wrecker teaches Omega how to disarm an explosive. As they’re about to leave, Hunter suggests that they can pick up anything valuable from the cruiser and clear the debt they owe Cid. The Bad Batch finds some explosive and a Jedi ship at the cruiser. They also engage in a fight with the Scrappers who are keeping an eye on them.

The Bad Batch Episode 8 gets intense when Crosshair and his squad of clone troopers arrive on the Jedi cruise in Bracca. Hunter and Omega try to tell Crosshair that the inhibitor chip controls him, but he’s unaffected and attacks them. Somehow, Tech sets ablaze the cruiser in an attempt to escape. Somehow, they get out of the cruiser and head towards the ion engine. Crosshair switches on the thermal power in an attempt to blast the ion engine. After a lot of difficulties, the Clone Force 99 manages to escape the disastrous situation yet again.

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The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap: Reunion
The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap

Due to the energy emitting out of the blaster, Crosshair gets critically injured. He tells his trooper to shut down the engine and asks if another batch has caught Hunter and his team or not. When one of the clone troopers tries to contact his squad, there’s no response. Many clone troopers lie lifeless near Clone Force 99’s ship, and a Bounty Hunter is waiting for Hunter and Omega.

The Bounty Hunter is Cad Bane, and he probably works for Lama Su and Nala Se of Kamino. He shoots the hunter in his chests and takes Omega with him. Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 ends with an injured Hunter, Tech, Echo and Wrecker leaving Bracca in their ship.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap: Renunion
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 Recap: Is it worth watching?

After a long time, we got to see Crosshair, and he is still mad at Hunter. Many threats lie ahead for Clone Troop 99 as they not only have to deal with the Empire and Crosshair, but also have to find Omega. Today’s episode has kicked the action and thrill up a notch. The reunion proved that Crosshair wouldn’t be sparing his former colleagues as he sees them as nothing else but traitors!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 8 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Today's episode is called Reunion and it ends with more troubles for Hunter.

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