Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 16 (Season 1 Finale) Review: Kamino Lost

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 16 ‘Kamino Lost’ is now streaming on Disney+. It’s the finale, part 2 of the series created by Dave Filoni. Jennifer Corbett wrote the 25 minutes episode, which is helmed by Saul Ruiz. The episode features Dee Bradley Baker, Archie Panjabi and Michelle Ang.

The synopsis for finale Part 2 is the same as Part 1 and reads – The Bad Batch find themselves in the unexpected territory in this thrilling finale.

– Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 16 (Season 1 Finale) Review contains spoilers –

The Bad Batch Episode 16 Recap In Brief

The Bad Batch Episode 16 begins with the Clone Force 99, Omega and Azi trying to escape from Kamino. In the previous episode, the Empire ordered to destroy the structure despite knowing Crosshair is with Hunter and others. Crosshair is stuck in a flooded room with Omega and Azi, and Omega saves him. Hunter, Tech, Echo, Wrecker, Omega and Azi think of a plan to escape as the structure begins sinking in the water.

They all go to Nala Se’s secret lab, which we saw in The Bad Batch Episode 15. After fighting a deadly creature, they decide to use floating tubes with AZI’s assistance to escape out of the sinking structure. Crosshair is still irked at Hunter for choosing the wrong side. With a disgruntled expression on his face, he agrees to be a part of Hunter’s escape plan from the Kamino structure. Omega tries to convince Crosshair to let go, but he is not willing to change his beliefs.

AZI runs out of power when everyone is escaping through the floating pod. Omega tries to save AZI but nearly gets drowned in the attempt. Omega and AZI are both saved from drowning by Crosshair. After managing to escape, they all watch the Kamino structure getting destroyed in front of their eyes from a distance. Crosshair refuses to join Hunters and others in the ship, and they part ways. But before they leave, Omega tells Crosshair that he will always be their brother. Nala Se is taken to an Imperial facility at the end of the episode.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 Finale Part 1 gave a decent ending to Clone Force 99’s story post Clone War. The animation in today’s episode and throughout has been excellent. In today’s episode, scenes with Omega-Crosshair and Hunter-Crosshair are good. I believe the makers could’ve ended the first season in just 45 minutes without stretching it as two episodes.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 16 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the season finale is fine. The creators have left us guessing what Crosshair will do and how the Empire will use Nala Se to further their wicked agenda. Disney+ recently confirmed The Bad Batch Season 2, which will release in 2022. So we have to wait for a year to know what’s going to happen further.

The Bad Batch Episode 16 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

What are your thoughts on The Bad Batch Finale for Season 1? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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The Bad Batch Episode 16 Recap: In the season 1 finale of the Star Wars show, the Bad Batch tries to escape the sinking Kamino structure.

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