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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 14 Recap: War-Mantle

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 14 Recap: War-Mantle
The Bad Batch Episode 14 Recap

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 14 is named War-Mantle. Directed by Steward Lee, Damani Johnson has penned the 25 minutes episode. The series features Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Ang, Bob Bergen, Gwendoline Yeo, and Noshir Dalal.

The description for War-Mantle reads – After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Batch tracks it to a secret facility.

– The Bad Batch Episode 14 Recap Contains Spoilers –

The Bad Batch Episode 14 War Mantle opens with a stormtrooper being chased by alligators like creatures and a few troopers. As the stormtrooper is captured, Captain Rex contacts Clone Force 99 and asks them to save his friend – CC-5576, aka Gregor in Daro. After getting the distress signal, Tech shares that Daro is a terrestrial planet in the Outer Rim, with no known settlements or installations.

The Clone Force 99 is debating whether or not to rescue Rex’s friend. Hunter refuses to perform the task because they are already in the middle of Cid’s mission. However, Echo advises that they should free the captured stormtrooper because Hunter once rescued him. They all land on Daro to save Rex’s friend.

They identify a signal on Daro, which is surprising given that it has no installations. Hunter becomes suspicious and orders Wrecker and Omega to remain on ship as backups. In the next scene of Disney+ The Bad Batch Episode 14, Hunter, Echo and Tech find out that the Empire (specifical stormtroopers) have set their base on a huge mountain. They’re startled to see how advanced and different these troopers look.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 Recap: Still 1

Similarly, the Kaminoans’ problems do not seem to be over. The Empire has canceled all of Lama Su’s and Nala Se’s contracts. The duo decide to find a way out of this situation. Meanwhile, Tech faces trouble accessing the stormtroopers’ base’s technology in Daro. These scenes hint at how the Empire is advancing in using technology.

After battling a large number of stormtroopers, the trio is able to get hold of Gregor. But they have to fight a large number of advanced stormtrooper armies to get out of the mountain. When Hunter realises they won’t be able to handle them on their own, he calls in Wrecker and Omega for assistance. The troopers have the upper hand in the attack even when the duo arrives in their ship to help Echo, Tech, Hunter, and Gregor.

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The Bad Batch Episode 14 War-Mantle ends with Hunter ordering his team to leave as he fails to make it to the ship. He gets surrounded by a huge army of stormtroopers on Daro. Vice Admiral Rampart informs Prime Minister Lama Su that he is of no value to the Empire. However, he spares Nala Se because she is a scientist who would be valuable to them. Hunter is imprisoned in the final scene, and Crosshair arrives to see him. Crosshair informs Hunter that he was expecting the entire Clone Force 99, but he’ll be okay with only him.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 Recap: What’s Next?

After not doing anything major in the last few episodes, it appears that Dave Filoni intends to spice up the plot. The makers have attempted to reintroduce some weight to the series by including Captain Rex and Gregor. Hunter’s separation from his squad will also have a significant impact on the next two episodes. Let’s hope the twist carries some weight in the next two episodes. The animation in today’s episode is top-notch.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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