Star Wars Memes: Mark Hamill Picks His Favourite!

Mark Hamill is quite active on Twitter. The Star Wars actor often shares tweets about his work, personal life and interacts with fans. A few days ago, everyone’s favourite, Luke Skywalker, won netizens’ hearts for the kindness he showed towards a fan during the shoot of the film. Yet again, he is in the news for something fun.

If you are an SW addict and love memes, you must have seen hundreds of them by now. But it looks like Mark also spends time scrolling through these memes. In his recent tweet, the actor revealed how there are too many SW memes, but he has his favourite. He revealed the same while answering a fan’s question, ‘what’s your favorite star wars meme?’

In his tweet, Mark Hamill shared his favourite Star Wars meme. The meme features Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons with a white board behind her. The text on the board reads, ‘Harrison Ford doesn’t care about anyone’s Star Wars opinions and neither should you.’

Mark shared the meme and captioned it, ‘Too many to choose just one favorite, but this is pretty darn good. 🤣👍’. In the reply section, fans have shared their favourite memes, which are equally hilarious.

In another tweet, a fan shared a picture of young Mark and Carrie Fisher. The fan asked, “Hey @HamillHimself do you remember the story behind this pic? You two look adorable”. The actor replied, “We were dancing. #TrueStory.”

Both Mark and Carrie are smiling look dashing together in the throwback photo.

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Check out Mark Hamill’s tweets below:

Meanwhile, on the work front, the actor last appeared on The Mandalorian Season 2 as young Luke Skywalker. Mark appeared in the last episode only for a few minutes but sent the fandom into a frenzy.

Let us know your favourite meme in the comments section below.

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May the force be with you!

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