Squid Game’s Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Woo to Star in an Upcoming Drama?

Lee Yoo Mi has been receiving a lot of praises for her performance in Netflix’s top ranker Squid Game. Meanwhile, Jung Woo, who is best known for his roles in Reply 1994 (2013) and You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin (2013) has been a part of the 2021 television series Mad For Each Other.

On the other hand, Netflix has already announced that Squid Game Season 2 is happening! But, before Squid Game 2 the actress seems to be serving big plates as the news in the air indicates that she is going to be a part of an upcoming drama alongside Jung Woo.

Lee Yoo Mi & Jung Woo in a Sports Drama

According to reports by News1 on November 25, Jung Woo has been cast as the male headliner for the upcoming drama “Mental Coach Je Gal Gil” which aims to be a sports drama. Jung is going to play the main character in the drama named Je Gal Gil. Reports also stated that Lee is going to play the female lead, Cha Ga Eul who is a former world-class short track speed skating medalist.

The drama centres around a former national Taekwondo athlete (Je Gal Gil) who has quit sports after a scandal and chooses to become a mental coach who helps former professional athletes who have retired and present-day athletes facing a slump in their careers. Je Gal Gil helps Cha Ga Eul during the time of her slump which forms the basic premise of the story.

Jung’s agency, BH Entertainment has given the statement that he is positively reviewing the offer. Meanwhile Lee Yoo Mi’s agency, Baro Entertainment has also responded similarly. This will also mark the Squid Game actress’ first time as a lead in a drama. Once the casting is complete, the drama will start filming by the end of 2021.

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