Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tom Holland Wants to Be a Dad With Carpentry Shop?

Hollywood star Tom Holland wants to take some time to “think about (his) future” for the next five years, as he says he hasn’t stopped thinking about his career since he was 11. Asked if he’d reached the stage where he can take on “weird” experimental movie roles, Holland said: “I wouldn’t necessarily call it weird, but I would love to explore and try out new things with different characters.

“But then again, I’ve been an actor since I was 11. I haven’t done anything else, and maybe I don’t want to be an actor?” Tom Holland added: “Maybe I just want to set up a carpentry shop and be a dad? I don’t know. I want to spend the next five years really thinking about my future rather than thinking about my career.”

The ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ star also acknowledged he is “very privileged and lucky” to be able to take time away from his career to focus on his personal life. Tom Holland said, “So I think the next five years is going to be about, ‘What do I want the future of my life to look like’ rather than, ‘What do I want the legacy of my career to look like?'”

Holland even said he’s not sure if he’ll continue playing Spider-Man in future Marvel movies, as he thinks ‘No Way Home’ could be the “perfect storybook ending for this chapter” of the story. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: “As always, I’ll be very eager to see what they come up with. But maybe we don’t top this movie. Maybe this movie is the perfect storybook ending for this chapter of ‘Spider-Man’. And if it’s time for me to step down and for the new person to step in, I would do so proudly.”

Meanwhile, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home‘ is all set to release on December 16, 2021, in theatres near you. To read our various articles concerning the upcoming Spider-Man film, click here.

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