Soundtrack 1 Episode 2 Recap: Han So-hee Hears Park Hyung-sik’s Sleepy Comment

Soundtrack #1 (사운드트랙 #1) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Kim Hee-won and stars Han So-hee, Park Hyung-sik, Kim Joo-heon and Lee Jung-eun, alongside other cast members. The series has 4 episodes, and Soundtrack 1 episode 2 has a runtime of around 38 minutes.

– Soundtrack 1 episode 2 recap contains major spoilers! –

Ah, the morning after feels! Sun-woo and Eun-soo wake up after a night of drinking to find themselves cuddling each other. Eun-soo, coming to her senses about what just happened, immediately moves away and of course, food always breaks the tension so they rush up when she asks whether he wants pho.

In the bathroom, Eun-soo looks at all of her friend’s things now in her place while Sun-woo wonders whether she heard him that morning mentioning that this is crazy. Pho-eating is quite uncomfortable. They try to make light of the situation by saying that they cuddled because it was cold, but we all know the truth here. Seems like they, too, know.

soundtrack 1 episode 2
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 2

As Eun-soo starts working on her song and shows Sun-woo the demo and he comes up with lyrics that make sense for the song at hand. They’re deep and when she holds his hand to make a point, you see the longing on his face. Outside to get some air, the pair talk about his feelings for Jennifer and eat chocolates. A lesson in driving the car later, Woo-il calls her to the studio and the pair rush to learn what’s going on.

Woo-il gives a few pointers regarding what the song should be like and it seems like Sun-woo doesn’t like the guy. I don’t honestly understand why since Woo-il is supposed to have a working relationship with Eun-soo and I doubt every man is out to get his bestie. Either way, the pair later have a fight and I totally get why Eun-soo is mad – Sun-woo was unnecessarily rude at her place of work. He leaves angrily after getting a call from Dong-hyeon and haughtily goes off to his studio.

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soundtrack 1 episode 2
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 2

Anyway, later, Eun-soo surprises Sun-woo with gifts of reconciliation and the besties go off for grocery shopping. After buying an exorbitant number of things, the two come back home to find Eun-soo’s mother. Of course, they are scared and Eun-soo tries to defuse the situation by saying that they have been friends for 19 years (because old friends don’t date, obviously). Either way, after a weird tarot reading session, her mother leaves as quickly as she came.

Later, over dinner, Sun-woo and Eun-soo discuss why the former was annoyed – apparently, he didn’t like her drinking mandarin juice. Eun-soo smells crap too, just like us, but the conversation goes towards Eun-soo wondering what Woo-il meant by the air at 4 am. Eun-soo goes out at 4:40 am that night with Sun-woo and she listens to the song while taking a walk. As the days pass, the pair continue to write the song and this time around, it seems like they’re getting somewhere.

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soundtrack 1 episode 2
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 2

Anyway, one night, as Sun-woo is taking a shower, Eun-soo sends Dong-hyeon an urgent picture and that’s when she discovers hundreds of pictures of her that Sun-woo has taken. She’s baffled at how many there are over the years and when Sun-woo comes to the room, she looks almost taken aback and shocked. He picks up on that feeling as well and the episode ends as they look at each other.

Bonus Track: Eun-soo, while brushing her teeth after the fated night, wonders what Sun-woo had said while he thought she was sleeping – “This is crazy.”

Final Thoughts: Soundtrack 1 episode 2

Ok, Soundtrack 1 is cute, I will give it that. Unrequited love aside, I want to talk about the characters themselves. I feel like Eun-soo and Sun-woo are characters who have been put in a box. Eun-soo, especially, gives a ditzy, manic pixie girl vibe that I am not a fan of at all. Especially the grocery store incident and the car incident, I feel like she has no idea how to control herself and everything works for her because she’s “so cute”. At least that’s the vibe that she gives.

soundtrack 1 episode 2
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Sun-woo is the complete opposite and a love story would be incomplete without the trustworthy and likeable man who is the more sensible of the two. I don’t understand why he acted like that at Woo-il’s studio. It’s not like Eun-soo went to see him on a vacation. It’s her place of work where he acted like a total tool. I’d be mortified if my best friend acted like a child in front of my boss.

Plus, the fact that she went to him to apologise is also shocking to me. Granted, it shows that Eun-soo has a clear heart and doesn’t care about who made the mistake, just that she wants her bestie back. Either way, it personally didn’t sit right with me.

Coming to the unrequited love part, I guess the story still has a bit to pick up, but till now, it’s clear that Sun-woo is really into his childhood best friend. The photos are just a bit creepy and if something like this happened to me, I’d run for the hills. But, hey. This is a K-drama and life’s simpler here. Maybe Eun-soo would find it endearing, romantic even. We just have to wait till the next episode to know her reaction to a hard drive filled with her pictures.

Soundtrack #1 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Soundtrack 1 episode 2 is sweet and fluffy, but the characters just feel unrealistic after a certain point.


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Soundtrack 1 episode 2 is sweet and fluffy, but the characters just feel unrealistic after a certain point.Soundtrack 1 Episode 2 Recap: Han So-hee Hears Park Hyung-sik's Sleepy Comment