SonyLIV’s Shantit Kranti Review: Relatable Tale on Self-discovery

SonyLIV released Shantit Kranti, a Marathi series based on the friendship of three young men who had gone on a life-changing trip to Goa. This sounds familiar, as none of us can forget Dil Chahta Hai, but this series is nothing like the film. The theme of Shantit Kranti revolves around ideas that resonate with us, the viewers. Any journey of self-discovery is precious, and if we add our friends in, it seems like a dream. 

Shantit Kranti review doesn’t contain spoilers –

Though the series uses the mould of Dil Chahta HaiShantit Kranti is a simple series with a simple story, but the way it depicts everything makes it heartwarming. The friendship that brews between the three friends, Shreyas, Dinar and Prasanna, is something some of us would have thought about. The three friends have a close-not relationship. All of them enjoy an unbreakable bond. They are also high-spirited and a child from the heart. 

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A Heartwarming Tale 

As the story moves forward, in order to stay carefree and young, Shantit Kranti shows how Shreyas, played by Abhay Mahajan, Dinar, played by Alok Rajwade, and Prasanna, played by Lalit Prabhakar, find themselves on an adventure. While planning the trip, they face a challenge in the itinerary. This is the time where the journey of self-exploration and introspection beings. Every hurdle they come across, or every bump in the road seems relatable, which is why Shantit Kranti is a good watch.

Shantit Kranti Shreyas, Dinar and Prasanna

Every character, especially Shreyas, Dinar and Prasanna, have their demons that they fight as the show continues. Shreyas gets dumped by his fiance. To make matters worse, he doesn’t understand the reason behind the breakup. Whereas, Dinar has a drinking problem and can’t find a purpose in his life. Having a reason or a purpose in one’s life is an important thing. We all feel clueless sometimes, so we can understand how Dinar must feel.

Finally, when it comes to Prasanna, he faces the challenge of knowing that his youth is ending. His wife gets pregnant, and he is not ready to become a father. Often, several shows or films are not able to portray how a person feels when they are not ready to have a child. But Shantit Kranti does that in a relatable manner. While on their way to Goa, Shreyas, Dinar, and Prasanna find themselves in a meditation retreat in Lonavala. This is where the trio realizes that they can’t remain kids always. They have to accept the ugly truth of growing up. Eventually, they accept their fate and face their demons. 

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Worth Your Time?

The screenplay is interesting, but there are some places where the dialogues lack emotions. All the shooting locations are mesmerizing and the cast is superb. Especially, Abhay Mahajan who does a wonderful job in bringing out Shreyas. Shantit Kranti is also worth binge-watching with your friends. 

Shantit Kranti Lonavala

Directors of the series, Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn, have stuck to SonyLIV’s list of web series with a relatable theme that is authentic and understandable. It is also the perfect choice for watching something to unwind and relax as it doesn’t need a lot of brains to catch up on the story. 

Shantit Kranti, in the end, is a series on and about life. It portrays the issues we all go through at one point in our lives. Who wants to grow up and live under responsibilities? But what makes the series special is that it shows the realization journey in the most common and understandable way. The SonyLIV series should definitely be a part of your Indian web series list. 

You can watch Shantit Kranti on SonyLIV.

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Shantit Kranti is a Marathi series on SonyLIV. It is based on the lives of three friends who go on journey of self-discovery.

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SonyLIV’s Shantit Kranti Review: Relatable Tale on Self-discoveryShantit Kranti is a Marathi series on SonyLIV. It is based on the lives of three friends who go on journey of self-discovery.