Sonia Rathee On Hot Chemistry With Sidharth Shukla In Broken But Beautiful 3

Sonia Rathee and Sidharth Shukla made everyone fall in love with their chemistry in Broken But Beautiful 3. As Rumi and Agastya, they showed us what a love-hate relationship looks like. The fresh pairing on ALTBalaji’s one of the most popular show is a superhit, and fans can’t get enough of their beloved AgMi.

Along with Shukla, Rathee is also paired with Ehan Bhat in BBB 3. Ehan plays the role of Ishan, Rumi’s childhood crush for whom she is ready to do anything, even if it means hurting people to be with him. The gorgeous actor shared screen space with two handsome men, and fans are divided between AgMi and IshMi.

LeisureByte spoke to everyone’s favourite Sonia Rathee, aka Rumi, and we asked her with whom she has better chemistry. The actor answered, “As actors, we approach the scenes the same way. I never saw it differently. Obviously as Rumi, I definitely had to emotionally differentiate with two (Agastya and Ishan). But they (Sidharth and Ehan) were both great to work with.

Broken But Beautiful 3 still: Sonia Rathee-Ehan Bhat
Broken But Beautiful 3: Sonia Rathee-Ehan Bhat

I also know that many fans root for AgMi, and the fan edits on the internet are proof of the same. Shukla has a huge fan following, so his admirers always want to know what their co-stars say about the actor. So I asked Sonia about the work experience, on-screen crackling chemistry and bond with her BBB 3 co-star.

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Rathee shared, “I think Rumi’s chemistry with Agastya is based on need for love and validation. There’s so much fiestiness in that relationship. It started with anger. You can see that in their chemistry. We’ve always seen that when people are frustrated, there’s also space for more love.”

About Sid and I, like any other friendship it takes time. It took us good 2 weeks to be comfortable with each other. The majority of it was the communication. When you are comfortable with each other, then communication is also very key. When we were doing scenes, we would just balance out each other,” added the Broken But Beautiful 3 actor.

Broken But Beautiful 3 still: Sidharth Shukla-Sonia Rathee
Broken But Beautiful 3: Sidharth Shukla-Sonia Rathee

Rathee was asked if she had any pressure about being a part of a series that already enjoys a huge fan following because of Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi. The actor said that she didn’t feel any pressure until the media asked her this question. But when the show was just a few hours away from its release, she was nervous about how the audience will react to a new face and if they will accept and understand Rumi or not.

Well, it looks like the audience has accepted and loves Rumi just the way Agastya does!

Who do you like Rathee’s chemistry more with, Shukla or Ehan Bhat? Do let us know your thoughts on the pairing and BBB 3 in the comments section below.

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