Netflix’s So Much Love To Give Review: Irritating and Infuriating!

Content on Netflix of late has been disappointing and has let me down a couple of times. So Much Love to Give wants to call itself a comedy but I did not laugh even once, chances are you wouldn’t laugh either (I hope you wouldn’t.)

It is filled with predictability and has no element of surprise so it doesn’t compel you in any way which, trust me, is a good thing. There’s an endless list of things you could do to make yourself productive for 90 minutes. So Much Love to Give is directed by Marcos Carnevale and written by him and Adrián Suar.

So Much Love to Give

I don’t understand why the writers decided to write a film on this topic. Let’s get to the point now, So Much Love to Give is a film about a man called Fernando who is married to two women and has two different families while his two wives have absolutely no clue about it. Cringe!

Why would the writers even think that people would watch this film? I am probably going to bash this film mercilessly because it has made me very angry and there is absolutely nothing appealing about this film. Virtually it is a bore and a drab!  

The plot is fairly simple and empty as you already might have understood and it doesn’t need an explanation. So Much Love to Give is nothing about love, I can assure you this. A man named Fernando is tirelessly cheating on two of his wives and is unapologetic about it… ugh!

He has the most skewed ways to look at his behaviour, sometimes it is because his heart is biologically bigger so it is capable of giving more love and the other time, he runs out of explanations so he conveniently calls it ‘Love’… how romantic!

Not digressing further, the film picks up the pace soon enough when fate thankfully conspires to make the two wives meet. So Much Love to Give, aka Corazon Loco, reminds of a privileged bigamist who is unapologetic about his misdeeds and the way he treats his wives. 

Entitled, entitled and entitled! 

This brings me to a generalised idea that men will force you to find humour in almost everything. I have failed to understand the need to make a film out of this plot because it is redundant, vacuous and inappropriate. What has bothered me, even more, is the need to normalise the narrative of bigamy which is unhealthy, to say the least.

So Much Love to Give

The overbearing need to portray the idea of bigamy as nothing out of the ordinary is sickening and it doesn’t definitely deserve a watch. So Much Love to Give makes it look like it’s one big happy family that isn’t aware of all the family members! 

The performances have been decent and are probably one of the reasons that this film is even slightly tolerable! It is gutting to watch two women spy and find out that they have been sharing their husband all the while. As viewers, you will definitely feel buckets of sympathy for the two wives.

There aren’t steamy, sexual scenes to be seen but every time Fernando tried to do a sexy talk with one of his wives, I was fuming. Talking of performances, I definitely have to mention that Adrian Suar (Fernando) has done a commendable job to ensure that you are frustrated with his character. 

Have I really understood what this film meant? 

The most pertinent question, have I understood the point behind making the film? I don’t think I have. The filmmakers have tried to bring comedy and humorous elements out of a very controversial topic, some might laugh, some would wonder about the same.

I definitely fall under the latter category, this is definitely not my type of humour and I don’t know if anybody would find humour in the same. I was eagerly looking forward to the “revenge” plan that was supposed to happen but it didn’t quite turn out the way it was meant to happen. 

So Much Love to Give

I won’t engage you, readers, into a narrative which will speak of bigamy as morally right or wrong, that’s not my place to comment. However, I strongly feel the need to pinpoint at a problematic behaviour of trying to even justify the character’s viewpoint because as you arrive at the end of the movie, there’ll be a point where Fernando’s character says that for him there will be two loves of his life… which to me is nauseating! 

Overall verdict, you know it already… please skip this one because, ideally, 90 whole minutes are wasted and if people were sane enough, this movie would have lasted for 15 minutes.

So Much Love to Give is streaming on Netflix.

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The story and the plot lacks almost everything for it to become a film. 'So Much Love to Give' is boring, predictable and should have got over in 15 minutes.

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