Short Film Paatr Review: Star ‘Stuck’

Paatr, a short film starring Sahil Anand, will be out tomorrow on Pocket Films YouTube channel. Written and directed by Chand Mohammad, Leisurebyte got an early preview of the 13-minute short film.

The plot for the short film reads – ‘Kuchh kahaniya zindagi sikhati hai aur unme se he Kuchh kahaniya hanikarak ban jati hai’ (Some stories teach us how to live, while others harm us).

– Paatr Review contains mild spoilers –

The term “star-struck” is used to describe how people feel when they meet their favourite actor. When we watch our favourite male or female actor in person, we become speechless and numb while our eyes twinkle with delight. As laymen, our thoughts about celebrities are: the universe created them with such consideration, they’re so beautiful, charming, and wealthy, and so on. But sometimes, we fail to understand that there comes a time in our stars’ lives where they get stuck.

In Chand Mohammad’s Paatr Short Film starring Sahil Anand, you’ll find out what happens when a star gets stuck. I’m not referring to being caught in an elevator or stuck in traffic. Passion and dedication know no bounds, and some individuals become so immersed in their job that they find it difficult to return to normalcy and their true selves. They get stuck in the non-existent world.

Paatr Review: Still from the trailer
Paatr Review: Trailer Still

In the Paatr Short film, an actor, played by Sahil Anand, wakes up one day, and his mental state is messier than the entire room. You get the impression right away that he’s not himself and is acting oddly. Suddenly, he receives a phone call from a man threatening to harm his family members. The man also has a gun that he keeps hidden in his refrigerator. It’s a bizarre set-up because there is literally no one else inside the room. Yet, he is freaked out as if someone is continually observing him or perhaps is still on his mind.

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As the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that the actor is still haunted by a dark character he played in one of his films. As he leads a double life, his mental health is in shambles. Unfortunately, the imaginary character has gained the upper hand, and he has lost touch with his own self. The short film concludes with a chilling message about how actors would go to extreme lengths to give their finest performances for specific roles.

The short film concludes by highlighting how passion sometimes can take a toll on one’s mental health. We also see cutouts and statements from celebrities (Heath Ledger, Anne Hathaway, and others) who have gone through something similar at least once in their careers.

Short Film Paatr Review: Official Poster
Paatr Review: Official Poster

Chand Mohammad’s writing complements Sahil Anand’s intensely brilliant performance, providing for an engaging viewing experience. The fact they didn’t overdramatise the issue makes it a compelling watch. The short film also focuses on the topic of actors’ mental health, which is a truth that not everyone is willing to embrace. We still live in a society where wealth, fame, and luxury are regarded as indicators of happiness and healthy mental wellbeing. Hence, the short film Paatr does an excellent job of contributing in some way to this important discussion.

About the short film, director Chand Mohammad said, “I’ve read a lot about people from childhood, especially artists who were passionate about their work. But sometimes, their work took a toll on their mental health. Not everyone speaks of this widely, and I thought I could highlight it in my short film.”

Paatr Review: Last Word

Overall, it’s well worth your time. It helps to comprehend the dedication artists put in everything they do while also raising mental health awareness.

Paatr Short Film is currently streaming on Pocket Films YouTube Channel.

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Paatr Review: A short film starring Sahil Anand focuses on what happens when an actor fails to separate himself from one of his fictional characters.

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