Short Film Notes Review: Strikes The Right Chord

Director Jimmy Olsson has made another interesting short film called Notes (duration 19 minutes). Written by him, the story features Philip Oros, Moa Silen, Alexandra Ohrnvall and Richard Sseruwagi. The short film will be screened at various film festivals this autumn.

The description of Notes reads – When Philip moves into a corporate apartment for a project, his only company is his piano keyboard. Missing his girlfriend back home, he continues composing a song for her, but when he can’t get a part right, a better variation plays through the wall from his neighbour.

I got an opportunity to watch Jimmy Olsson’s new creation. In the short film Notes review, I’ll highlight my thoughts on it. The opening scene is of a woman showing a man around his new apartment. The characters have no names in the story. She looks at the Piano and tells him to keep it low as the walls aren’t soundproof and the neighbours shouldn’t be disturbed.

The man is getting used to the new apartment, new life and is terribly missing his girlfriend. Before sleeping, he practices a set he wishes to play for his lady love as a surprise. However, when he starts playing the piano, he can’t hit the notes right. That’s when he hears his neighbour across the wall playing the same tune to perfection.

Short Film Notes Review: Trailer still
Short Film Notes Review: Still from the trailer

On the next day, the man writes a note for his neighbour. We are not shown what he has written, and the mystery keeps you glued to the screen. After an unexpected call from his girlfriend, the man is shattered. He takes out his pain by playing the piano. After not getting it right at first, he tries again and immerses you in his pain and music. In the end, the neighbour finally reveals themselves, and it’s a heartwarming moment.

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Arima Kousei once said – Music speaks louder than words. In Notes, there’s a scene where the man starts yelling loudly in pain because of what his girlfriend said to him. Yet, there’s no response from the other side, and he loses his mind. But when he hits the notes right on the Piano, the neighbour comes to appreciate his efforts and talent. The film is a treat to those whose lives revolve around music and those who can’t imagine it without music.

In those 19 minutes of Notes short film, there are not many words spoken. But you wait till the end to see the man create magic with his fingers and the piano. The entire story is set indoors, and the door isn’t opened again until the last scene. Maybe that was the moment the man in our story is open to new experiences again. The music featured in the short film consists of the fantastic work by Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Ludovico Einaudi and Scott Joplin.

Notes Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the short film is riveting and exquisitely made. To know when it will be available to all, keep checking updates on Jimmy Olsson’s social media.

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In those 19 minutes of Notes short film, there are not many words spoken.
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