Shooting Stars Episode 4 Recap: Han-byul Saves Tae-sung From Embarrassment

Shooting Stars(별똥별) is a 2022 Korean Drama featuring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin. The series is directed by Lee Soo-hyun and runs for 16 episodes. Shooting Stars Episode 4 has a runtime of 58 minutes and is titled Shh! Do Not Upset Him!.

– Shooting Stars Episode 4 Recap contains spoilers –

In Shooting Stars Episode 4, after looking at Tae-sung’s stress score, Han-byul remembers that Ho-young’s actor had collapsed having a score of 90. As Tae-sung’s fan sign event ends and he is about to leave the stage, he slips but Han-byul thinks he is going to collapse. She runs on the stage but slips herself and creates a funny scene. Tae-sung makes sure that her face is not captured on the camera but laughs looking at the video as it goes viral on YouTube.

Shooting Stars Episode 4
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 4

Tae-sung is starting the shooting for his new drama, ‘The World of Stars’ and his new manager Byun Jung-yeol is accompanying him. Jung-yeol is new in this field and also naive. On Tae-sung’s first day of the shoot, Jung-yeol buys all the staff members a soft drink as a welcome token from Tae-sung. However, the bottle has the face of Tae-sung’s rival actor on it. Jung-yeol bought them because they were in the sale and he got half of them for free. Such things cause gossip and also affect an actor’s image. Tae-sung is frustrated but can’t say anything to him in front of everyone.

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As if the bottle thing wasn’t enough, Tae-sung finds Jung-yeol drying Tae-sung’s underwear on his vanity van. All the staff members are watching and laughing at Jung-yeol’s shenanigans but it affects Tae-sung’s image. Tae-sung cannot hold it anymore and curses Jung-yeol in his ears because he has to maintain his image of being a kind person. He calls Yoo-sung and tells him he won’t go for the shoot because he is embarrassed.

Shooting Stars Episode 4
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 4

Yoo-sung is busy in another meeting and calls Han-byul to handle the situation. Han-byul is an expert at such situations and she also knows Tae-sung’s temper. She arranges a coffee truck and also buys many snacks for the staff and an exclusive box of Tae-sung’s favourite snacks. Han-byul reaches the set before it is too late and Tae-sung’s mood gets better just by seeing her. She serves coffee to the staff by herself and Tae-sung finishes his shooting for the day. An old man passing by collapses near their set but Jung-yeol saves him in an emergency situation which helps Jung-yeol gain the trust of Tae-sung.

Shooting Stars Episode 4 Ending

The head lawyer at Starforce Entertainment, Do Soo-hyuk is a man who works by the clock and doesn’t work an hour less or more. There is a rumour among the employees that he comes from a rich family and works the job just for fun. Soo-hyuk meets Han-byul at a cafe accidentally on their day off. They talk outside work for the first time and Soo-hyuk suddenly gets interested in her. He hears Han-byul’s colleagues gossiping about her and Tae-sung’s relationship and hence, he asks Han-byul directly about it. When Han-byul denies dating, Soo-hyuk asks her out and Tae-sung sees it all happening in front of his eyes. Will Han-byul say yes to Soo-hyuk and what will be Tae-sung’s reaction?

Shooting Stars Episode 4
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 4

Shooting Stars Episode 4 Review

Shooting Stars Episode 4 doesn’t involve much interaction between Han-byul and Tae-sung but it sure involves some comic scenes including Byun Jung-yeol. This episode focuses on actors and how they behave to maintain the image they have created. The artist managers of those actors have to bear with all of their moods as it is part of their work and always have to be on their toes which shows how difficult their job is.

Shooting Stars Episode 4 is available to watch on Viki.

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Tae-sung's new manager creates a scene at his shooting set but Han-byul comes to his rescue in Shooting Stars Episode 4.

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Tae-sung's new manager creates a scene at his shooting set but Han-byul comes to his rescue in Shooting Stars Episode 4.Shooting Stars Episode 4 Recap: Han-byul Saves Tae-sung From Embarrassment